Thank you all so much for all your support and your encouragement this past year! You all have been a blast to serve and we look forward to what ReelSEO can bring to you in 2012!

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Hey guys all of us here at want to wish all of you guys out there in the YouTube bloggers-field land a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year. You guys this has been awesome this year. Me, Mark and the other guys at ReelSEO we just really want to take a moment this Monday just to thank
you guys for all your support, all your encouragement. This has been an awesome year with these videos starting and our Creators Tip videos starting.
We have lots of new stuff going on at Reel SEO and we are just super excited about what's coming up in 2012.

Over the past couple months a lot of you guys have been awesome and not only leaving comments on our videos that's been super encouraging but some of
you guys even went out and made your own videos about the stuff that we're doing here on Reel SEO and put them on your YouTube channels. Thank you so
much. I'll highlight some of them for you hear today.

Over the past 6 months we've put out over 120 videos and we're on set, we're actually just past 3,000 subscribers on YouTube and we're about to pass
300,000 views for the end of this year. We've got big plans for 2012 and Reel SEO is a big part of it and I'm going to give you exactly why.

Thanks to the Reel SEO and Tim Schmoyer. The Reel SEO has tons of fabulous videos to help YouTube users improve their videos.

Reel SEO is the only video blog out there that I pull information from and I've tried a lot of paid ones but this one - I just - they do a great job.


I use the techniques from the Reel SEO, Tim Schmoyer's videos and my video regarding DIY weddings is at the top of the Google Search Engine under

You've got Tim, Grant, Jeremy, Mark, so you've got all of these guys with different backgrounds putting together different types of articles and
presenting them to you.

Thank you so much Tim. I followed all of your techniques in your video and I was able to get to the top spot.

They bring to light some of the best practices and my favorite articles are the ones in which they reach into the YouTube playbook because if you
didn't know YouTube has a playbook and I just haven't had time to read it. I know what's there. The PDF is sitting on my desktop. But Reel SEO does a
great job of taking what they know I need to know and breaking it up into digestible parts that comes of course, via video.

Hopefully this will increase the number of viewers who view the tutorials that I might have or DIY weddings or couponing or just all things fabulous.

I really enjoy how they bring an overall picture of what's going on in the video industry even though I have made the decision to focus on YouTube, I
like to keep my thumb on what's going on over on Vimeo, over even at Netflix and Hulu, just kind of paying attention to some of the best practices over

YouTube just had a major overhaul and I'd have to say that I'm not really worried because I feel like I've got the team at Reel SEO working overtime
figuring out exactly how this change is going to be a benefit to my company so I'm not scared of this at all. I look at this as a great example of how
when you've got a website that you can trust that it's almost like having paid consultants out there just doing the work for you.

Thank you to the Reel SEO and Tim Schmoyer. Love you!

This has been Antonio Santano, thank you very much, go check out Reel SEO.

I would love for you guys to comment below and let us know what are you looking forward to the most from Reel SEO in 2012. Maybe something we're
already doing that we can do a little bit better or maybe you have tips, ideas, suggestions for things that we should do that we are not all ready
doing. What would help serve you guys the best. That's what we want to hear. Leave your comments, video responses, all that kind of stuff would just be
awesome. We'd love to hear from you guys. Thank you all again very much for your support over the past year. We look forward to serving you as best as
we can in 2012. Bye!