Reel Quick Clips: Online Video News Mid-Week Round up

Reel Quick Clips: Online Video News Mid Week Round up

Look, it's Wednesday and I remembered to do the mid-week round up, at mid-week. I know that might not be a major achievement to some of you, but when you're as busy as I am, everything that gets done on time is an achievement. So let's get on with what's going on in the online video industry this week.

The Future is now

VoX Communications Develops Video Voice Mail for the Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone

In addition to the video voicemail and true-to-life video calling experience, the plan includes a full suite of traditional calling features like caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling. Innovative features like 3-way video conferencing, connecting to a large screen LCD or TV and unlimited video calling are also included.

Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone features include:

  • High Quality Video over a seven-inch, high-resolution LCD digital screen
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Also works as a digital photo frame
  • Display to external TV or PC Monitor for enhanced calling experience
  • Enhanced contact list with snapshot pictures

Live Video to Collect them all…

Live Video Webcasting to Mobile Devices Extends Reach of Online Learning

Today Peach New Media, Inc. announced that its live video webcasting service will soon reach viewers on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. The Webcast to Mobile feature of the company's content distribution platform, Freestone, is now in private beta and will be released throughout second quarter. The release will first be available to existing Peach clients, then to new clients.

Webcast viewers on the iPad or iPad2 will see split-screen interface with synchronized PowerPoint slides, resizable streaming video, or full-screen video. Additional interface features such as attendance verification, pop-up announcements, and supplemental materials will also be available for iPad viewers.

On iPhone and Android phone devices, streaming video automatically plays in full-screen mode. Streaming video to these mobile devices can be broadcast live in real-time, or can be stored online and viewable as on-demand archives.

Turning Display Interactive

Videobox, a fully customizable branded video environment is the platform that transforms Casale Media's existing network of high-quality premium display inventory into video-ready media with high branding value. Videobox makes it easy for agencies and their advertising clients to run scalable, targeted and fully customized video campaigns using Casale-hosted serving that eliminates traditional cost barriers associated with running video advertising online.

I'll be looking into this more in the near future.

National Association of Broadcasters Convention Live Streams

"This is the second year that FilmmakingCentral Live @ The NAB Show is broadcasting using Telestream Wirecast live webcasting software," said Dave Basulto, founder of FilmmakingCentral. "We're sticking with Wirecast because it's dependable, easy to use, highly portable, and it just works."

Massive Growth Not a Medical Condition

This was dropped in my inbox:

AdoTube has seen a 191% growth of in-video ads served over 2009 to 3.5 Billion Ads in 2010. On top of that, campaigns from both new and returning advertisers increased 281%, decreasing the number of ads per campaign by focusing on addressability and overall viewer relevance to ads by using AdoTube's engaging formats and advanced targeting and optimization tools.  Advertisers increasingly made use of leading edge video ad formats, such as the Polite Pre-Roll, comprehensive real-time optimization tools, such as the Creative Studio Wizard, and sophisticated targeting methods, such as Response-Based Targeting; all of which led to more successful campaigns.

Good job.

The Spotlight Shines on 3D Glasses, Reflects on User Taste

The passive vs. active shutter debate rages on while the more patient of us (like myself) wait for the day when we won't need either… Here a look at the state of things. 1080p 3D plasma? Neat!

Passive, Active 3D Formats Go Toe To Toe

That's a Wrap

That's just a taste of the stuff that I've been tracking this week. Got anything you'd like to add? Drop a comment or email me. Kung Pao!

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