Reel Quick Clips: Mid-Week Online Video Industry News

Reel Quick Clips: Mid Week Online Video Industry News

I finally found a name I like for what really amounts to me clearing out my inbox of things that might be of interest, but aren't interesting enough for me to write a whole article on. Welcome to Reel Quick Clips, a mid-week catch up on some things going on in online video. Cool, right?

We get a pretty big pile of press releases in the ReelSEO inbox as you might imagine and from time to time, it just needs to be cleaned out. But instead of just tossing it all, I've begun sorting it into three categories. This is one of those. I didn't want to use the word pile because it sounds bad...

Clickthrough and Elle Offer Video Shopping

The Clikthrough partnership with ELLE Magazine. Clikthrough & ELLE are debuting the new Shops on Demand full interactive video platform including an interactive video wall, and Facebook integration.

With our partnership in place, ELLE is successfully driving new revenue streams and creating an unmatched user experience for their readers.  As of today, they have launched the six interactive videos on Shops on Demand.  First launch partners are:  Ann Taylor, Ippolita, Jimmy Choo, Kmart, Silpada Designs, and Simon G.

It's pretty cool and they tie the products in the videos into other content that surrounds the video for ease of purchasing. It will be interesting to see if it raises purchase intent and retail sales.

Animoto Gets a Sharper Image

No not that overpriced shop, just a better engine at Animoto which lets you create video slideshows.

A new video engine is going to rev up your videos with both HD and faster video creation time. To do it right, we're rolling it out slowly to all of our styles, starting with Animoto Originals.

With the introduction of HD (720p) upgrades, our DVD-quality upgrades (480p) have dropped down to $3!

We've made some tweaks and upgrades to our free iPhone app. Be sure to upgrade to the newest version!

Longtail.TV Goes into Beta

What? You didn't get an invite? HA! HA! provides all the previous JW Player Now features, plus gives you the ability to save and modify your player configurations, track the videos you have published, and search & embed videos directly from YouTube.

I did get an invite, activated my account but haven't had time to play with it yet, hence why I have written nothing but this tiny blurb.

Sunday Sky Hits 10M Videos, Invades France, Germany, UK

A strange way to celebrate..what? Oh they expanded not invaded.

SundaySky, a provider of automated video production at mass-scale and studio-quality, today celebrates two significant milestones in the company's growth, namely the creation of a staggering ten million videos and the opening of new offices in France, Germany and the UK. Today's consumers embrace e-commerce videos: total views for the top 50 US online retailers' YouTube channels more than doubled in 2010; 74% of those retailers have experimented with at least one product video on their websites. Video is now a proven and an effective tool to boost traffic, lift online sales and increase user engagement.

Well that makes more sense.

Ooyala Gives you iOS on-demand and Live Streaming

Yeah I couldn't think of anything witty on that one.

This new Ooyala publishing package gives publishers the ability to deliver secure on-demand video and live streams to iOS devices. We've also enhanced our industry-leading analytics with device-level and OS/browser analytics reports, to give publishers deeper insights into how consumers engage with their content across mobile phones, tablets and over-the-top devices.

Alright, the inbox is cleaner, you're more informed and I've done some work today. Everyone is happy all around.

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