“The Reel Video Summit is coming.” If I were Paul Revere, then that’s all I’d need to say as I rode “Through every Middlesex village and farm, For the country folk to be up and to arm." But this isn’t 1775; it’s 2014. And we aren’t trying to start a revolution in online video. That happened years ago. These days, we’re just trying to see around corners, over walls, and beyond in a rapidly evolving field.

Register & Join the Video Marketing Revolution

So, why should you register to attend the 2014 Reel Video Summit? Well, there are three key reasons:

#1 Keep Up to Date With Trends in Online Video

First, as the economy finally begins to recover from the Great Recession, it’s even more important to keep up-to-date with industry trends. We’re starting to see the kind of major developments that haven’t been observed the online video and internet marketing industries since 2008.

For example, the recent rumor that YouTube will pay $1 billion to acquire Twitch would mark the most significant acquisition in YouTube history. And as Andy Smith observed on ReelSEO yesterday, “Google created a great feature with Google hangouts and although they integrated it well with YouTube, it never gained traction as a community based streaming tool, like Ustream or BlogTV. Acquiring Twitch, even at the steep cost of $1 billion, would instantly give YouTube the top online streaming community. Even better is the fact it is almost solely based on video games, one of the fastest growing segments on YouTube. As is evident with YouTube, it is more the community behind the site that helps push it to successful heights, rather than simply the site itself.”

So, what’s your live streaming strategy?

Want another example? Disney recently bought Maker Studios for $500 million. And as Peter Kafka observed on Re/code on March 24, 2014, “That number could swell up by another $450 million, depending on the way the property performs after the acquisition. So the total price could hit $950 million, but we won’t know for some time.”

So, what’s your multi-channel network strategy?

How about a third example? In an announcement that will be made tomorrow, a marketing technology company will observe that 74.1 percent of video views in January 2014 were happening outside of YouTube and its player, according to comScore Video Metrix. Although the announcement is under embargo until then, the data is a couple of months old. So, I think I’m still honoring the news embargo. Nevertheless, 74.1 percent of video views represent a major marketing opportunity.

So, what’s your video distribution strategy?

So, if your CEO asks you why you’re going to the 2014 Reel Video Summit, just tell him or her how important it is to keep up-to-date with industry trends. And if you are the CEO, then tell your CMO, marketing execs, agency execs, and brand managers to report back to you after the Summit with an updated marketing strategy.

#2 New Products and Service for the Online Video Community

The second key reason to attend the 2014 Reel Video Summit is to see new products and services. Seriously, how much time do you think it would take to meet with each of the 16 sponsors of this year’s event if you don’t attend? Conversely, what would it cost you and your organization to remain unaware of all of their latest offerings?

#3 Maintain and Build Relationships

The third key reason to attend the 2014 Reel Video Summit is to maintain and build relationships. Yes, you should continue reading ReelSEO. It’s the world’s leading resource for news, analysis, tips and trends for the online video and internet marketing industries. But there’s no substitute for doing a little networking at in-person events to maintain and build relationships.

Register by May 25th 2014 for Early Bird Rates

Now, those are the three key reasons to attend the Reel Video Summit, which will be held July 24-25, 2104, at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. And if you register by Monday, May 25, 2014, you can save up to $500 with the Super Early-Bird Rates.

But, if you wait until Monday, June 29, 2014, you can still save up to $300. So, what’s the rush? Why not wait until the agenda has been posted, and the speakers have been announced? That’s a good question. And it’s one that Mark Robertson, Carla Marshall, Dave Holland, and I have wrestled with ourselves. So, let me share our collective point of view.

Two Day Event: Four Topic Areas

In slower times or less rapidly evolving fields, we might be able to finalize an agenda and line up appropriate speakers several months in advance. But these aren’t those times and this isn’t that field. So, the best that we can tell you 64 days before we “get Reel” is this: We’ve expanded this year’s Summit schedule into a two-day event. These two days will be divided by tracks into four broad topic areas:

1. The State of the Industry “Evolution”
2. Ideation and Creation
3. Owned and Earned
4. Paid and Commerce

We can also tell you that the deadline for submitting ideas for panel sessions or presentations just passed on Sunday, May 18, along with the deadline for applying to speak at the ReelSummit. We were looking for a few select speakers that can discuss and present examples as well as data from actual video marketing campaigns for large businesses and brands. And we got dozens of submissions – more than we sort through in a couple of days.

Now, we’ve already said that preference will be given to those with direct, first-hand knowledge and experience with video content creation, marketing or advertising for a large business or brand. But we won’t have that all sorted out until after Memorial Day – the deadline for the Super Early-Bird Rates.

So, if you attended last year’s Video Marketing Summit, you’ll already know that the opening keynote speaker was Suzie Reider, Director of Media Solutions at Google. If you didn’t attend last year’s event, you can watch her keynote, entitled, “YouTube Brand Advertising in The Participation Age.”

And if you attended last year’s Video Marketing Summit, you’ll already know that the luncheon keynote speaker was Jim Louderback, the CEO of Revision3. And if you didn’t attend last year’s event, you can watch his keynote, entitled, “Is YouTube’s Business Model Broken?”

So, no, the final agenda for the 2014 Reel Video Summit hasn’t been posted yet. And, no, the speakers haven’t been announced yet, either. So, how would you reward those attendees who respond like the Minutemen of old and register for the upcoming event anyway? Well, that’s why we offer them our Super Early-Bird Rates.

But, you should still attend the 2014 Reel Video Summit for three key reasons: To keep up-to-date with industry trends, see new products and services, and maintain and build relationships. And, if you’re going to attend, then you might as well save up to $500 and register by Monday, May 25, 2014. See ya there!

Register & Join the Video Marketing Revolution