Real Russian SEO Deal Signed

While they didn't specifically name video in the text of the recent press release I thought that this would be interest to some of us here at ReelSEO.

It seems that iCrossing, ( a global digital marketing agency, signed a new partnership with Ingate, one of the largest search engine marketing agencies in Russia.

The two are hoping to work together to create some new international search engine marketing campaigns. They seem to be specifically targeting "global brands" that are looking to get a foot in Russian markets.

iCrossing works in more than 20 languages across over 25 countries doing SEO campaigns and Ingate will give them access to the search potential of Russia and 12 other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) which hold more than 300 million people (about the same size as the US at that number).

"iCrossing has a strong reputation for search leadership and innovation," said Nikita Androsov, chief executive officer, Ingate. "Their strong global presence, experience working with global brands and unique approach to search-informed digital marketing makes them a perfect partner."

"Ingate's technical capabilities and understanding of the market align perfectly with iCrossing," said Don Scales, president and chief executive officer, iCrossing. "This partnership helps support our global offerings for our international clients."

Overall it looks like at least the digital boundaries surrounding parts of Russia are being opened and we are beginning to see SEO play an important role there.

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