Video Sharing and Search Site Focused On Puppets?

Video Sharing and Search Site Focused On Puppets?

Puppet Madness is a new video sharing web site devoted to puppetry.

A brand new web site that has just launched is Puppet Madness, which is sort of "Puppet Tube"; a video-sharing site for videos about puppets. YouTube already hosts just about every puppet-related video you could want (for me, that is basically <1) so I'm not completely sure there's a real need for a puppetry-specific video sharing site.  At the same time, one problem with YouTube is that it's large index makes it difficult to find niche videos easily.   That is the reason why we have seen so many niche sites popping up for video searching devoted to a particular community of interest - GodTube, JewTube, Skate-Tube, PornoTube (so I heard ;-), etc...

It should be interesting to watch and see how Puppet Madness is embraced by the online puppetry community over the next few months.  At least, it will be interesting to puppet people, which I hear do exist.

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