Three Proven YouTube Best-Practices to Drive Views [Creator's Tip #99]

Three Proven YouTube Best Practices to Drive Views [Creators Tip #99]

We got to talk to Rob Sandie of vidIQ about things you should be putting into practice with your YouTube channel in order to drive views.  Rob will be at the Reel Summit later this month and he'll be on the panels, "Video Metrics That Matter and Tools I Wish I'd Created," and "Building A Top Notch YouTube Presence."  vidIQ is a service that helps to drive views organically, and they do it for 5,500 different channels, and they've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.

Best YouTube Practices with Rob Sandie of vidIQ

Here are some good things to follow when running your YouTube channel:

1. Run your YouTube channel like Facebook

Find the best time of day to post a video on your channel.  You can do this by manually analyzing your subscribers to see when they're watching.  This can be a tedious thing to weed through; services like vidIQ monitor this for you and give you a graph that shows you what time is best.  Anyway, figuring out the best time to launch a video helps get that important early, heavy traffic that YouTube likes.

2. Tags and Video SEO Matter

The number 1 and 2 drivers of traffic on YouTube is search and related videos.  The only way YouTube can position your video in search and to put it in the coveted "related videos" column is by knowing what your video is about and finding like-minded videos to associate it with.

Three Proven YouTube Best Practices to Drive Views [Creators Tip #99]

Fact: 58% of YouTube viewers discover a video because of Search and Related videos. In other words, SEO must be part of your YouTube marketing strategy.

Also, the more the (relevant) tags, the more the views.  vidIQ was finding people putting 4 tags on a video, when they should be putting something like 18 or 19.  Here's what they found:

Three Proven YouTube Best Practices to Drive Views [Creators Tip #99]

Fact: The more tags you add, the more views you get.

To refresh on tags, you should start with the more specific tags first and then work towards your more generic tags later in the sequence.

3. Engage With Comments

Actively respond to your comments.  The videos that

Three Proven YouTube Best Practices to Drive Views [Creators Tip #99]

Videos where creators actively engage with comments generate 4x the views of those who do not.

If you can, target the more influential people who comment regularly.  At first, when you're starting, you might want to spend a lot of time, especially in that first hour or two, actively responding to any interesting comment out there.  This not only helps you engage with fans, but YouTube tends to love it when the engagement is high early into a video's launch.  Of course, a service like vidIQ finds those influential commenters and alerts you to who you definitely should respond to when they comment.

For more about vidIQ, click here.

As mentioned before, Rob will be speaking at the Reel Summit:

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