Mogulus Launches Free Live Video Streaming Software - Procaster

Mogulus Launches Free Live Video Streaming Software   ProcasterMogulus today announced the launch of PROCASTER, a free software download  that allows digital media creators and producers to create live streaming video content with incredible ease and unprecedented production value. With PROCASTER, users can now stream video content in true-to-life high definition from their desktop or laptop computers to any Internet-connected web browser (no download is needed for the viewers).

PROCASTER offers the simplest-to-use broadcast experience, with a "one-click, go-live" interface. In addition to high-quality video, producers are able to broadcast whatever is on their computer screens live, including presentations, images, and even video and graphics-intensive video games.

While other real-time streaming services are mostly bound by web browser limitations for encoding and streaming video, PROCASTER breaks those barriers with its proprietary, robust encoder and compositing engine, opening the door to untapped production value for the Mogulus community of creative professionals.

"Pushing the envelope and delivering high production value tools to our producers has always been a key priority for Mogulus," said co-founder and CEO Max Haot. "With PROCASTER, we are significantly raising the stakes in our industry. Personally, I can't wait to see what our vibrant community of producers will do with it, as they bring their own unique styles to these new content formats. We already know from our initial trials that PROCASTER will open up new forms of high-impact content creation online, which before the launch of PROCASTER was very difficult, if not impossible, to produce."

With PROCASTER's ScreenCasting technology, users can stream anything that's on their computer screens, including applications such as PowerPoint, as well as show graphics, photographs, online video and anything else visible in the browser or local files on the desktop. PROCASTER even streams the most demanding of computer applications; graphics-intensive high-end video games, enabling creation of a whole new form of entertainment around GameCasting.

Using PROCASTER in conjunction with Mogulus' online streaming service gives creators and producers of video content the ability to reach more than 100,000 live viewers quickly and easily via a Mogulus player embedded on any website, or via a unique channel on

"PROCASTER is making the beauty, passion and creativity involved in film and television production accessible to everyone with an Internet connection, a camera and a personal computer," said Haot. "PROCASTER, in conjunction with the Mogulus streaming service, is truly disruptive as it has turned the million-dollar equipment studios into a thing of the past. With PROCASTER, users are given the power to create live, original television programming, all done on their own global broadcasting channel."

"Over the last few years the Internet has enabled many disruptive innovations and online services that have changed the entire music and movie industries. Now, with PROCASTER, we're seeing television change in such a way that everyone is invited to be a part of that change - not just to watch it happen, but to make it happen," added Haot.

PROCASTER is available now as a free download at

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  • John Johnson

    Your link to the free download of Procaster takes you to, and then it says that it cannot find the page. I have the procaster software from Livestream, and it seems to work just fine, but I have to go thru livestream to broadcast it. Their free service is full of ads. Not ones that pop up at the bottom of the screen, but full screen ads that take the place of the video. I am looking to broadcast services from our church, and having the service interrupted like that does not work. We could deal with the small ads at the bottom, but not full replacement ads.

  • Raphael King

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