Professional Web Video Content Up Almost 20% In 2009

AccuStream Research says that there was nearly a 20% jump in "professionally produced, hosted or syndicated online media and entertainment video views". So either we're all going pro or the pros have come to see the value in it.

Personally,  I think if you're reading ReelSEO, you are a pro! Alright, enough sucking up to the readers, back to the task at hand.

49.1 Billion Pro Video Views

That large number represents just how many pro video views ("professionally produced, hosted or syndicated view"s) that AccuStream tallied for last year in their recently published report, Pro Online Video: View Analytics and Category Share. According to them, this represents an 18% increase over 2008.

Major media took up 52.1% of all pro video views on the web last year.  Those companies of course read like a who's who of broadcast including - ABC, CBS, Comcast, FOX and NBC. Sites in the list include Fancast, Hulu and

Only 10.3% of those views were for the big broadcast networks with a full 33% going to cross-platform brands.

Of course, if you've got serial content, you get serial viewers and so the broadcast networks got a cool 5.9 views per unique user per site per month (per AccuStream).

Those serialized shows, television show, chewed up 13% of all views as episodic views went up an astounding 134% (can we call that the Hulu effect?)

14% of video was news and info. Sport, music and movies pulled 20.4%

There's all sorts of other cool stats but I'm tired of typing that % symbol. Next time I'll just make some pie charts. Everyone likes pie right? I like pie.

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