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Presidential Candidate Video Showcase   Truveo

Truveo Launches First Comprehensive Presidential Election Video Site
Site Brings Together Election Related Videos from Campaigns, Networks and User Generated Content Sites

Truveo, the leading video search engine, today unveiled the first site that brings together election related videos from major television networks, popular user generated video sites and the campaigns own websites. Truveo's presidential election video page can be seen at or from the link on

Presidential Candidate Video Showcase   Truveo

"Ever since FDR appeared on television at the opening of the 1939 New York World's Fair, video has been a mainstay of election campaigns. Now, as television is rapidly moving online, consumers are looking for a place on the Internet where they can find any election related video whether it came from a traditional television channel, a newspaper, a video sharing site or the campaigns themselves," said Pete Kocks, President of Truveo and Vice President of AOL Video. "In a world of 100 million online videos there are an overwhelming number of places to find election videos. By harnessing the size and reach of Truveo's video index and the power of our search engine we are making it easier to follow the elections.”

Truveo's election site includes pages for each of the leading candidates in the Democratic and Republican primary races: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama on the Democratic side and Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Mitt Romney on the Republican side. The site also has pages for coverage from national, international and local sources as well as the ever-popular late night shows.

Site visitors can sort the videos by popularity, recency and relevancy. Each video can also be shared with friends, placed onto social network sites or rated by the user. All of the pages on the election site are dynamically generated using pre-defined search queries. Political junkies can find additional videos by conducting their own searches or modifying examples provided by Truveo. Campaigns, bloggers and just about anyone else can create their own election video page by using Truveo's APIs, Feed, Snag and Save features.

The election site draws on Truveo's index of over 100 million videos which includes videos from national media sources such as ABC, AP, CBS, CNBC, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, NBC and more; international media sources such as the BBC, DIE ZEIT, El Pais, EuroNews, France24, Reuters, SPIEGEL, The Sun, TF1, ZDF and more; local television and newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and many other cities; late night shows such as A Daily Show (aka The Daily Show when its writers are not on strike) and The Colbert Report; and Internet sites such as,, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Veoh, and YouTube.

Truveo's index includes videos from sites, including Politico, ClipSyndicate, Washington Post, and Barely Political, currently not found by other search engines.

In light of the growing copyright concerns surrounding popular video sharing websites, and Truveo's election video site were designed specifically to enable users to find and watch video in a manner that will appeal to both content owners as well as end users. For many of the videos from leading media brands, users will be directed to the content owner's original website to view the video. This approach ensures that videos found on Truveo can be viewed in the highest quality with the experience intended by the original content owner.


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