Pre-roll Ad Viewing Up, Interaction Down

80% of online network TV viewers would prefer to view ads in exchange for unpaid video content, up from 67% in 2006 says a recent poll by Knowledge Networks based on respondents aged 13 to 54. The findings were released back in March and the data shows that a lot of people will tolerate pre-roll ads to get free videos. Network TV viewers who are more likely to tolerate the ads also went up 7% over the time frame (2006-2008)

Those who watched or listened the most were online-only feature viewers with 46% saying yes and 64% of them saying they actually watched or listened. Meanwhile those who watch full episodes with pre-rolls totaled 39% and 76% of them actually paid attention to the ads. Those who wanted to only watch clips were least interested in watching pre-roll ads according to the research.

The problem is that 17% of viewers interact with those ads in some way (9% less than in 2006. And only around 25% go to the advertiser's website to see an ad. As far as I'm concerned that's still quite large, I would never go to a site JUST to see an ad that's for sure. This is a 3% decline from 2006 by the way.

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