Most people, especially creative types, cringe at the thought of having a meeting. However, when you are putting together a video project it is essential to sit down with the necessary parties, do your brainstorming, define your production aims, style, key messages and target audience, and ensure a more effective and hopefully profitable video.  In this week’s Reel Rebel, Stephen covers some of the basics of why holding a creative pre-production meeting is essential to producing quality video.

In some cases, if you are producing a very simple video it is not necessary to have a meeting with anyone else.  However, in most cases, there is a greater agenda behind the videos you produce if you're working with a larger production team, you'll need to get a lot of different parties involved from the beginning.

There are a lot of people who should be involved in a creative meeting including your script writer and director, your production team and your financial backing.  Obviously the size of your production depends on just how many people are at your creative meeting, but having everyone involved in the beginning will help set a direction for the shoot and ensure everyone is on board and understands what the final product should be.

While an important reason to have a creative meeting is to make sure the individuals financing your video are happy with the planned outcome, that is not the only reason to have a creative meeting.  When you sit down in a group and brainstorm, most times you can come up with better ideas, anticipate potential problems and usually end up turning an average concept and video into something really great.

Your meetings should cover the idea, scripting, storyboard process and scheduling.  While there is always room for things to go wrong, this limits the problems you will encounter in the video production process and make sure all the different teams are kept up-to-date with the production schedule.

It can be tempting to skip creative meetings and jump right into shooting, but in the long run, spending the time to sit down and work through possible scenarios will save you time and money when you actually start shooting.

Question: What tips do you have for holding pre-production creative meetings that are effective and productive for all parties involved?

  • Higher Imagez

    Nice video, very helpful to know for anyone. Espcially noobs.

  • Kris Simmons

    I find that combining the creative meeting with the initial sales meeting can really help you get the information you need to write a successful video proposal as well. Then, when you win the deal, the official "creative meeting" will just be confirming the original concept and getting down the logistical details such as shoot dates, talent options, b-roll needs, etc.