Custom Interactive YouTube Channel Teases New J.K. Rowling Project "Pottermore"

Custom Interactive YouTube Channel Teases New J.K. Rowling Project Pottermore

Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, is about to launch something new. It's called "Pottermore," and unfortunately, I can't tell you any more than that. Not because I'd have to kill you, but because I don't know. Nobody does. While Rowling has apparently already stated that Pottermore is not a new Harry Potter book, there have been no other details released about the project. 

But there's plenty of Harry Potter goodwill in the world that most fans won't need to know what it is to get excited about it. And to help build that excitement, Rowling is using a customized, Interactive YouTube video page.

But first, there's the Pottermore website itself:

Custom Interactive YouTube Channel Teases New J.K. Rowling Project Pottermore

As you can see... there's not a lot of detail there. But the owls look cool, don't they? Maybe even enticing enough to click on. And if you did that, you'd be taken to the Pottermore custom YouTube page, which looks like this:

Custom Interactive YouTube Channel Teases New J.K. Rowling Project Pottermore

The countdown on the "video" is live, which means we'll learn what Pottermore is about five days from the time I'm writing this: or sometime around 2:00AM Eastern on Thursday, June 23, 2011.

The page is interactive, which means it's much more enjoyable if you actually go there and experience it yourself. You can hover over the owls and they'll all perform some kind of small movement or action--bob or shake their head.

Whatever Pottermore turns out to be, it must be pretty big to go to this kind of trouble. I'd also have to imagine that there will be even more cool video interactivity once the official announcement has been made--at least, I hope that's the case. Interactive video is far more engaging and memorable than traditional video. And despite Rowling's built-in audience, this kind of viral campaign can still help generate buzz and interest.

Any guesses out there as to what she might be up to? Video game? New book series with new characters? Potter-themed social network? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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What do you think? ▼
  • Renata Pereira

    Anciosa pelo ultimo filme...

  • Elise Cunningham

    I'm hoping it's a Harry Potter themed- social network, because kids will eventually go on and could probably encourage kids to read the series, (therefore Rowling making a little more money) and me happy because everyone should read her enticing books. :) I <3 the Harry Potters.

    • Chloe McWhinnie Murs

      me too i <3 them

  • A harry potter fan

    It would be awesome if it was a social network or an MMORPG. NERDS UNITE ON THE WEB!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mei

    My fellow Harry Potter obsessed fans believe that it is either a. grief counseling for HP withdrawal, b. a planet which JKR will found and rule and where we will all live c. an MMORPG among various insane suggestions.

  • Lacey Clawson

    Prequel books to the HP series. I'm hoping!

    • Christina Bermingham

      They've said it isn't a book, though it is something text based. I'm guessing its an HP MMO.

    • Chase Bunker

      If it's a prequel then Spoiler Alert, Harrys parents die.

  • Christina Bermingham

    I'm thinking its an MMO.

    • Phill Nickel

      Microprocessor Memory Object???

  • Jackie Gemmell

    The Owls are gathering....find out why soon by checking out