Here's some news I wasn't expecting.  One of YouTube's top stars Philip DeFranco signs with Revision3.  What this means is that Revision3 will be the financial backers of The Philip DeFranco Show and provide ad sales, and the show will be available on YouTube and Revision3's site.  It's going to be quite the year for DeFranco, as he also has one of the 100 new YouTube original channels.  His SourceFed channel is going to premiere on YouTube January 23.  DeFranco's funny perspective on the news is a genuine success story as his various channels inch closer to 1 billion views combined all-time.

Philly D And Rev3 Look To Be A Great Partnership

From the Revision3 blog, VP of programming and production Ryan Vance details how the partnership came about:

We first met Phil at SXSW 2011. I was immediately struck by how smart and humble he is, while having a true vision for himself and his business (which employs a number of talented people). Phil is extremely careful and savvy about how he approaches every decision and every move he makes with his shows. He's helped launch the careers of a number of top YouTubers and has launched a number of extremely popular channels on the platform. He's got a nose for talent and "what's next" that few in this entire industry share. He's become a friend over these past months and I'm extremely excited to be working with him so closely.

This is something that is apparent when you see DeFranco's trip to Europe.  He put on a live show in Dublin, Ireland that shows you how down-to-earth and humble he is:

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What I like about The Philip DeFranco Show is that his usually pretty close to mine, and it's never mean-spirited and often funny.  Tubefilter's Dana Ward has a great interview with him:

Good to see a guy like this get all sorts of success.

  • Ramin Vaziri

    Do you have any information on how the deal at Revision3 is different from the deal with YouTube? i.e. Ad revenue split, etc.

    • Chris Atkinson

      Ramin, I don't have specifics to the last detail, but you might like to read this article when Epic Meal Time signed with Rev3:

      Towards the end they ask the specifics of the deal, and they get some broad information. From what I can tell, since Rev3 now owns the show, then they get the revenue generated by YouTube's Google AdSense model and other revenue from their own sponsors (like Netflix). The show can play in more places now, too.

    • Ramin Vaziri

      Thanks for the follow up. Chances are the financial details won't be made public. It is wise that content creators like Philip DeFranco and Epic Meal Time are keen on not remaining overly dependent upon YouTube.

  • Dan R Morris

    That's interesting. I've got a Revison3 Channel through my Xbox that I pass on my way to other channels. I'll have to stop by now and watch DeFranco on my TV. I hope they're able to capitalize on what he's accomplished.