About Adotube's Video Monetization Network

About Adotubes Video Monetization Network
Adotube is a video monetization/advertising network that is focused on offering publishers a way to monetize online video content via opt-in, lead generation advertisements hat function as overlays. The service is somewhat similar to some others that we have seen like LiveRail, but Adotube is more specifically focused on interactive banner ads that drive lead generation.

Sample Adotube advertisements can be found on their website.

Today they offered up a press release, below:

Online advertising is big business today and its only going to increase in the years ahead. In fact, eMarketer estimates that the Internet video market will generate $3 billion in advertising sales by 2010. While people have grown tired of pop-up and banner ads, there are more innovative ways to earn money through online advertising, especially when it comes to video advertising."The Internet has opened doors for businesses in ways that we have never seen before," explains Leo Grzhonko, president of Adotube. His company offers an online video-monetizing platform enabling companies with content to generate revenue by using a unique, patented technology. "Video advertising can be very lucrative if you pick the right road. Adotube has made it a priority to pave a direct route for our clients without obstacles to their destination."

The biggest problem facing Web sites today is that of making money from their video content. Most don't know which ads will appeal to their target audience or the approach needed to yield the best results.

"There are some very good solutions in the market, but most people aren't aware of them yet," says Grzhonko. "Let's consider video contextualization, lead generation, pre-roll, post-roll, affiliate, and direct purchase campaigns to name a few. Our clients don't have to know all the particulars of each solution; they have businesses to run. It's our business to solve their challenges by knowing how to implement the right technology and make it work for them."

Although there are at least a half a dozen companies providing solutions for those wanting to profit from video advertising, only Adotube offers all the options under one umbrella, putting their technology ahead of the competition.

It works the following way-- Adotube analyzes a Web site's video content, optimizes it, and then prescribes a solution. The key to the company's recent success has been to provide all the possible tools in one place making them a "one-stop" destination for anyone who has videos to monetize.

"Maybe a site's solution is 25 percent lead generation, 50 percent affiliate and 25 percent pre-roll," adds Grzhonko, "or maybe it's something completely different. Our system determines the appropriate technology to be used and within a couple of weeks the optimization engine will match the right ads to each user. We take the headache out of all of this for our clients and provide a quick and easy way to earn money from broadcasting videos online."

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