25 Top YouTube Business Power Players for 2013 - Thumbs Up!

Welcome to our 2013 list of the up and coming new media whizzes within the business of YouTube - a list of the most prolific business minds who will undoubtedly be shaping the face of digital, social media, and entertainment as we know it in the years to come.

Revision3 Acquires DeFranco Creative; DeFranco Becomes Senior VP

Revision3 has acquired DeFranco Creative, which means they now have SourceFed and all other Philip DeFranco channels and ventures. The partnership between Rev3 and DeFranco has been a fruitful one, and Rev3 is also making DeFranco a Senior VP.

SourceFed, Daily Grace Take Home Audience Awards at 3rd Annual Streamys

The 3rd Annual Streamys were awarded last night. Philip DeFranco and Grace Helbig were big winners, as Epic Rap Battles, Burning Love, and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn continued to take home trophy after trophy in their respective categories. And oh yeah, Larry King was there!