This week the Reel Web covers a lot of topics including YouTube’s venture into providing premium content, the stats on video sharing apps on mobile devices as well as a couple quick resources on monetizing your videos and looking at your video analytics.

YouTube Planning Premium Content Subscription - YouPayWall?

YouTube may be bringing in some premium content that will be available to view with a subscription.  Most of this content will likely be very popular on-demand content that is currently available via TV, however, there is speculation that this may lead to YouTube providing paid content to live events such as sporting events.  There are currently channels that YouTube is streaming live events overseas, but despite rumors of other platforms providing this (including the iPanel from Apple), we have yet to see this provided here in America.

Mobile Apps Increasing Video Viewing Time

Over the last year apps on mobile devices have gained amazing momentum.  Specifically the photography and video apps are one of the fastest growing categories across all mobile devices.  A study was done showing that July 2011 the average person was only spending about 87 minutes a month utilizing the video mobile applications, but that has since grown to 231 minutes as of May 2012.  This may or may not be affecting views to YouTube.  According to research graphs shown it looks as if YouTube is losing some viewership to these applications, however, this may also just be a reflection of the change of the season.  With summer upon us viewers are more likely to be outside and viewing content from their mobile devices as opposed to watching videos in front of the computer.  It would be interesting to re-look at the numbers in the fall to see if YouTube views are still declining or if they gain momentum again with the start of the school year.

Videos Slowly Becoming Longer

Last week a study came out from ComScore that tells us the average length of an online video is increasing by about 12 seconds per month.  The current average length is at 6 minutes and 24 seconds.  If the trend continues, by March of 2013 the average online video will be 7 minutes and 26 second long.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that people are becoming more and more used to watching online content in long form, although that may be one implication, but it does mean that content providers are putting longer form content online in the hopes that viewers will watch the entire video.

Personal Engagement Necessary for Online Video

In a recent video by the CEO of an app called Majesto.  He states, “Social video is, we think is not just about being able to just share videos with their friends.  People have been able to do that for years for their YouTube videos for instance.  We think that social video is more about social content, which means content which is extremely relevant to your social network.  And this has to be personal.”  While consistent content and high production value is good for online video, it is a good reminder that one of the most important things for a successful channel is to have good viewer engagement and to keep both the content and our interaction with our viewers on a personal level.

Vzaar Paywall Let's You Monetize Video Without Advertisements

If you are looking for a way to monetize your videos without utilizing advertisements, Vzaar offers solutions geared to assist you in placing paywalls on your videos.  While this may not be a great solution or all content you provide, in some cases this is a nice alternative to advertisements running during your video.

Optimizing Your Video Views

Analyzing your videos is essential to figuring out better ways to provide content and when.  While this can be really confusing at times, we’ve provided some answers to hopefully take some of the mystery out of looking at your video analytics and help you to get a better understanding of the three phase that every video goes through in order to help you make better decisions on monetization of the content.