OVGuide - Top Online Video Destinations for June

OVGuide   Top Online Video Destinations for JuneOVGuide.com identified the top online video destinations for June. With over 80 million pages viewed, OVGuide.com's user base experienced significant growth in the past month:

21 million visits (17% increase compared to May)
11.5 million unique visitors (10.5% increase)
10 million searches conducted (11% increase)

The statistics for June include:

Top five searches:
1. Hancock
2. Kung Fu Panda
3. The Happening
4. Indiana Jones
5. Zohan

Most popular categories:
1. Movies / TV
2. Anime
3. Video games
4. General / Viral
5. Sports

Most popular General / Viral video sites:
1. Veoh
2. Kaotic
3. Nothing Toxic
4. YouTube
5. Internet Movie Archive

Most popular new additions:
1. TVLand
2. Vegas Entertainment Network
3. Mega Movie Zone
4. Le Gourmet TV
5. Farr on Film
6. AdGrabber
7. Latin Dance Television
8. My Fit Tribe
9. Wimbledon
10. The New Yorker

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