OVGuide Unveils A New and Improved Video Search Engine

OVGuide Unveils A New and Improved Video Search Engine

OVGuide.com, the Internet's most comprehensive guide to online video sites, including TV shows, movies, user-generated content, video games and music, today unveiled a new search engine that makes finding online video more precise, fast and thorough than other alternatives on the Web.
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Powered by OVGuide.com's proprietary Relevis technology, the search engine combines technology and human editorial to find the most relevant online video search results on the Web. It is the most accurate solution in the industry as it doesn't rely solely on algorithms and crawling text — it has the added advantage of the OVGuide.com editorial team, which categorizes each site based on its content.

When individuals use OVGuide.com's search engine, they will find the highest-quality videos that best suit their needs. OVGuide.com prioritizes its results by category, editorial ranking, user statistics and the superiority of the site providing the video. This means that, whenever possible, OVGuide.com will direct visitors to the original source of the searched content rather than clips or irrelevant links, ensuring a quality viewing experience for the user and also benefiting content creators by sending traffic directly to their site.

OVGuide.com's search engine is also capable of finding video content that others miss because it does not depend solely on XML feeds. It crawls any Web site that contains or links to video. This allows visitors to find videos on niche sites, such as a cooking video created by a student, which typically do not have searchable XML feeds.

In addition, OVGuide.com's search engine is faster than others as it doesn't have to crawl every Web site in existence. It relies on the more than 2,400 editorially-approved sites included in the OVGuide.com database, a much smaller amount of more relevant data. OVGuide.com delivers most search results in less than 0.01 seconds.

"Our goal is for consumers to rely on OVGuide.com to help them discover and search for online video," said Dale Bock, OVGuide.com president and founder. "Our editorial team is constantly searching the Web for new and unique sites to include in our directory, so refining our search was the next natural step for us. We're excited to offer our users the most accurate, thorough and fast resource on the Web to search for whatever kind of online video they are looking for, from network TV shows to user-generated content."

Other advantages of OVGuide.com's search engine include:

  • Offering several layers of matches based on OVGuide.com's categorization. For example, searching for a TV show will deliver the best results first, followed by related content specific to other categories, such as viral video clips
  • It gets 'smarter' over time because it tracks what users click on after receiving their search results. Therefore, it knows what type of sites to direct them to based on collected statistics related to a search term
  • The ability to offer highly-targeted contextual advertising

Individuals can use OVGuide.com's search engine to comb through all sites in the OVGuide.com database by typing a keyword(s) in the search box on the OVGuide.com home page, or they can choose to only search in an individual category, such as anime, sports or video games. For more information on Relevis' patent-pending technology, please visit www.ovguide.com/relevis.

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