Overview - Searchles Social Networking Video Sharing

Overview   Searchles Social Networking Video Sharing

Searchles.com is a social bookmarking site, a social search engine, a video sharing website, and a social networking site too. Each feature of the site serves the other features. Searchles.com is run by a private company, Searchles Inc., headquartered in Washington D.C. This company was established by Chris Seline, who has been in the search engine field for quite a long time. Since the latter part of 2006, this company has been ably supported by Elias Shams. Recently, Searchles has added more social networking features to their community-based search platform to differentiate itself from other platforms like del.icio.us, Digg, etc.

More recently Searchles launched an extra feature they term it Searchles TV that allows the viewers to pile up various videos according to the individual choice of the viewer from different sources like MySpace, YouTube, Google Video, Blip.tv and Grouper etc. Searchles TV allows the viewers to share their video collection with other viewers in a TV Channel format.

Searchles has a unique video search facility. The users of Searchles can post videos from different sites and the system has the capability to index videos that you may not find on YouTube.

Searchles allows users to join groups of a particular interest, and if the group is public, you can search through the links for information. You can browse through the posts, tapping into their expertise without even having to contact the individuals personally. If you do want to contact them you may use the message system.

Searchles' home page emphasizes the most active groups and the most active users. In addition, they show the most recent links on the home page. They have improved their help section with separate FAQs that explain how to make bookmarks, share videos, and a lot more. The help section explains in detail how groups work, how to use searchles widgets, and instructions for users with regard to video sharing.

The personal home page lets you manage your profile, create and manage groups, create and manage channels for Searchles TV, find friends, and check through posts. Some of the new features provided include the ability for group managers to remove spam postings from their groups, invite people to join their group, restrict them to join their group, and much more.

It provides you the facility to set up a channel for your choicest videos; for that you have to just enter the link of the video and you can view the videos without leaving Searchles. For these purposes, Searchles supports video from the sites like YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Grouper, and Blip.tv at present; and plans to add more in the near future.

Another new feature, Searchles Live, lets you automatically track what is happening in your group. It updates automatically. You can activate it by clicking on a Searchles live link that appears on every page. You can find it also on your personal home page.

Searchles.com is a search engine that is to be watched. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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    I love the fact they are mix of bookmarking, search, and networking. Their Searchles TV and video online editing tool is awesome!

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