Orbitz Shows Power of Video Marketing for Travel with New Original Series, I Love New York

Orbitz Shows Power of Video Marketing for Travel with New Original Series, I Love New York

Maybe you want to go to New York sometime, and maybe you want to avoid the big city for a change.  But what could possibly be so great about New York State?  It's the city you want to see, right?  Well, that might be so for many travelers, but Orbitz has teamed with the I LOVE NEW YORK tourism program to integrate a 7-part original video series on the discount travel site for the Adirondacks and the Catskills, complete with hotel/flight/activity information underneath.  So instead of just guessing what you might do when you hit the countryside, you have handy videos to give you ideas.

Clearly the tourism industry is one that can really use video to their benefit, as potential travelers can see the kinds of sights and activities they can get into and whether those things are for them. In fact, according to research about the role of video for travel, 90% of travelers watch online videos.  Even more important, 75% of affluent travelers, 72% of business travelers, and 45% of leisure travelers book travel after viewing an online travel video.

So what do you have to do when you're trying to get people to visit your neck of the woods?  Show them what's fun and what's beautiful.  These videos by Richard Bangs do just the trick.

Like, for instance, this one for the Adirondacks/Lake Placid area:

And this one for the Catskills:

This is a great teaming between two brands: New York tourism and Orbitz Worldwide.  This is an initiative that works out for both, in that Orbitz gets great-looking videos that should inspire people to want to go to the destinations, which of course works out well on the tourism side.

A total of 7 short films have been made for this.  A playlist can be seen on Richard Bangs' channel on YouTube. But check out the Orbitz site to see how they lay it out.  It's really cool.

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  • Mark Shea

    not many views on those videos, but interesting research by google

  • Rune Flækøy

    Thank you for allowing my comment.shalom

  • Patrick Redmond

    Is it just me? but I have travelled throughout the U.S.A. and enjoyed every second. But these videos which certainly penetrate all that can be had on holiday in the US, are so quick cut that it leaves me exhausted. The need for the contemplative, considered shot was with me throughout. The pace is full-on throughout and I'm just not sure why. With such a great range of raw material to choose from, the possibility of various paced sections is certainly possible. And with that great voice-over changes in pace would be great. Just a thought! No harm meant!