Watch and listen to this audio slidecast on how to optimize image thumbnails for your video content, as they appear in Google's blended search results.  This is my presentation from the "Images and Optimization" panel SES Chicago back in December.  Here you'll see how we at ReelSEO have been successful with getting quality image thumbnails of our own video content in Google's blended search results, and tips for how you can do this yourself. (The following is an updated presentation originally given at the  Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago on December 7, 2009.)

  • Musikji Net

    like it

  • Seasons Change

    Wow, this is EXACTLY the information I was looking for. I really have some opportunities to get some exposure from some videos we've made and now I think I have the knowhow to do it. Cheers!

  • Shepdaddy

    Great presentation Grant. Thanks for the info. I have used your techniques on all of my client sites.

  • anna

    it seems that it can take months after having submitted your sitemap before google actually shows your thumbnail ...(?)

    Do you think I should include a title attribute for the flash object? -- would that help or is the video sitemap sufficient?


    • Mark Robertson

      I think that the sitemap is sufficient and I think that there is something
      going on over at google because many people have been waiting weeks now for
      videos to surface....

      • anna

        I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one waiting... who knows, maybe too many people have caught on to the fact that the video thing may potentially help with rankings... and google has to find a way now to protect its authentic search results.

        • Mark Robertson

          Yeah, - I think it is more likely that they are messing with things for
          another reason. The results of indexing have really never been to reliable.
          Im really hoping that they get things working again with some consistency
          so that I can advice accordingly. Perhaps it is time to write something
          about this

        • Network for Managers

          I cleared my cache with with google webmaster tools and my thumbnail showed up in the search results the next day! Not sure if that had to do with anything...
          (then stupid me uploaded a new video sitemap - thumbnail disappeared - because my file location changed, and now I'm waiting to be re-crawled | can't delete cache again)

  • Stefan

    Great Presentation. The sync ist still a problem. My workaround:
    - Open the presentation twice (in two tabs.)
    - Set volume for one presentation to 0
    - Click slides manually in the 0-volume-presentation while the other plays automatically

  • Eric

    This is a really great presentation. However, the sound is not in sync with the slides. It seems the voice is four slides ahead. It really makes it difficult to follow your information.

  • Billy Broas

    I had the same problem with the slides being behind the audio. I was really interested in the presentation but it was too hard to follow. Please post back when you fix! Thanks.

    • Grant Crowell

      Ok, thanks all for letting me know. I'll take a look at it soon and will post back here when its all fixed!

  • London Accountants

    I was searching on how to optimize image thumbnails but to vain . Now this post proved really helful for me in this connection.

  • Ronnie Bincer

    Grant, the slide show seems messed up, the image on screen is behind your audio - can you fix that? The info may be interesting, but the way it is being presented doesn't make sense.

    • Grant Crowell

      Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems. Actually I synced the audio directly in SlideShare online, so it may be something you're experiencing on your end. I just emailed you directly with your question so hopefully it will be resolved. (If anyone else here is experiencing this problem, please let me know and I'll bring it up with SlideShare and see if they have any comments.)

  • Atlas Mckenzie

    Hey this is great info, il have to go through the presentation again, not much of a techi, im moving more of my marketing to online video and web video production so this will help a great setting up a new website based around this, do you have any examples of how to make video friendly website...thanks and again great info

  • John

    Thank you for the information! Do you stll need to create a sitemap if u are only pulling videos from your personal youtube to be hosted on your webstie? We have about 80 on youtube, being embed in a video section of our site

    • Mark Robertson

      Hey John,

      Unfortunately, it is much harder to get videos from YouTube to show
      thumbnails when they are hosted on your own site. Im trying to figure that
      out but requires some development resources.