As everyone should aware by now, YouTube underwent a redesign last week with changes to the home page, channels, watch page, search results, and more. Essentially, the whole site was relaunched with a new design that appears to be geared more towards engagement. For this week's Creator's Tip, we review many of these design changes and share some of our thoughts on how to optimize your presence for this "New YouTube."

Here are just a few of my thoughts and optimization tips from the video:

Tips to Optimize Your Channel for the New YouTube:

  1. Have a good avatar.  The image for your channel is showing up whenever you leave a comment, in the sidebar when your channel is showing, channel recommendations and more.  Be sure your image represents your channel, is enticing and is good enough quality that it is crisp and clear if it shows as a large image, but not too detail oriented that you can't figure out what it is if it's in smaller view.
  2. Have a good description text for your channel.  It can be long, however, be aware that only the first 45 characters will show up alongside your avatar and channel title, so make it interesting.  Also, be sure you are including your keywords in your channel description so that your channel will come up in viewer search results and be sure they are in your tags as well.
  3. Metadata.  A lot of channels are just focusing on providing links to social media and other sites in their metadata tags.  But be aware that when viewers are doing a search or going to their subscription channels, whatever information you are entering in your description text is showing up just under your video title.  A short description of the video first before placing website links will increase the likelihood someone will click on the video to watch it.
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QUESTION: Tell us in the comments below what you think about the new YouTube design

  • John McLaughlin, StockCoach

    I thought the URL was supposed to go first. I'll be doing a bit of description, sounds like it could get both the video opened + a visit to Website,


    John McLaughlin, StockCoach

  • Karl Craig-West

    Thanks Tim,

    great stuff. Just need to get to work on it all now...

  • Urban Media

    From Youtube comment and all on here it seems that I am one of the few who acually likees the new design! I think its clear, modern and a real attempt to lead people to Google+. Although the call to action is pretty amusing.

  • Josh Rimer

    The new YouTube design is a disaster. So was the last one. If only we could go back to 2010 - the site was so much better and easier to use back then!

  • Josef Holm

    I love how they moved the subscribe button below the video. Now millions of videos have call to action arrows pointing at nothing....

    • Mark Robertson

      That's my favorite part as well

    • Gregory R. Moore

      True story. The same thing happened a few years back when they moved the description area beneath the video from the right of the screen.

  • Mio Ristic

    Just noticed that Safari 5.0.6 can't play featured video on new You Tube channel design. My Safari 4.1.3 on my older machine works fine.

    BTW, I do like You Tube's attention shift to channels vs the videos. It was my biggest gripe with You Tube alongside one that you weren't able to put a custom made thumbnail (as you could on Vimeo from the start) on your video.

  • Chris Abbott

    I like it.. very clean and the search function is better.

  • Ken Fisher

    Complicated for the average user in my opinion. Take awhile for them to figure it out then it'll change again?

  • Pam Brossman

    Great demo some bits were a bit too fast so could not keep up but will go and check it out. Thanks.