How To Optimize YouTube Videos - YouTube Optimization Tips

How To Optimize YouTube Videos   YouTube Optimization Tips

Last week I had the privilege of speaking, along with Lane Shackleton of YouTube, at the Dallas Fort Worth Search Marketing Association. The topic was YouTube - why YouTube, and how to market YouTube videos, optimize YouTube videos, and advertise video content on YouTube so as to take full advantage of the opportunity that exists within YouTube. The following is my complete presentation from the event.

YouTube Optimization = Quality + SEO + Community

The best piece of advice that I can give for optimizing video on YouTube, is that, it is NOT about metadata and text alone. It is no longer enough to rely on titles, descriptions, and tags for getting videos ranked. This may still work for very long-tail keyword queries, but there are now many different YouTube ranking factors, both on-page and off-site.

YouTube optimization, especially for competitive keyword phrases - it is about a combination of 1) creating quality, compelling video content 2) publishing using SEO best practices, and 3) engaging with the community, both within as well as outside of YouTube.

How to Optimize and Market YouTube Videos - My Presentation

In the presentation slides below (also see outline below the slides), I walk through, in detail:

  • Making the case for online video and for YouTube in particular
  • How to publish and optimize YouTube videos (the gist of which starts on slide 8. )
  • YouTube ranking factors and things to consider
  • Promoting and marketing YouTube videos
  • Driving conversions with YouTube videos
  • Customizing YouTube embed
  • etc...

Please let me know your feedback in the comments below and I hope that my presentation helps you better maximize your YouTube efforts.

Click Here to Expand Presentation Outline

You can download this presentation on SlideShare, here.

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