For those of you that are unaware, there is an excellent FLV bitrate calculator tool from Adobe that does an excellent job of helping you determine the optimal bitrate at which to encode your Flash video files.  I don't usually post such a short snippet of info, but this tool was one that I had to let you all know about.

Optimal Bitrate Calculator for Flash Video Encoding bitrate calculator 540x359

  • dtbrew60

    I think they were looking for a link. Looks like it is not from Adobe, but from an Adobe developer and is included as part of a book (not free).

    • Mark Robertson

      Yup - Robert R. did this but offered it up to Adobe for them to use on their site. There is an updated version as a flex download here - under "tools"

  • Schmerberg

    so what is it?

    • Mark Robertson

      A tool to help you determine the best data rates to encode your videos at
      for the web.