Open Video Conference   Watch The Live Coverage openvideoconference dk sm Tune in, for live coverage of the Open Video Conference happening June 19-20.

About the Open Video Conference:

The first ever Open Video Conference will be takes place this weekend at the NYU campus in New York City.  The Open Video Conference is a 2 day event with global leaders in, business, technology, art, public policy, and activism where they are gathered to explore the future of video on the web.  Kaltura and their partners (PCF, Yale ISP and iCommons) have been working  to create this excellent event that should further bring to the top of everyone's mind the concept of open video and its benefits to the industry.

To read more about Open Video, read our recent guest post - "Open Video - What is Open Source Video all about?," or visit Katura.

  • Robert Star

    The level of the Conference must be very high as its having global leader in business & tech. etc. and its a privilege for us that we are able to see it live sitting at home..thanks for sharing..

  • Charlie

    According to me this will be the first ever video conference. It is an open video conference held at NYU campus. Many knowledge people will be there and i am sure it will be flooding with knowledge.

  • David Stock

    The Open Video Conference in NYU campus will be a great opportunity for all of us to see. There will be some great knowledge provided on various topics. Waiting it to take place.

  • Dan Malciu

    This livestream video is not loading for me, is this also available on ustream or qik or any other live streaming websites. It's good these guys (livestream) changed their name otherwise their earlier name didn't really click.

    My firefox crashed by I was surprised that my comment was still there ;-) Anyways, can you post alternatives?

    • Mark R Robertson

      Werid, can you tell me what happens, does it just crash before anything happens? As for alternatives, I imagine you will run across the same thing cause they are all from the same feed but you can check... and

      I hope you get it working. Sorry that you are having trouble Dan. Seems to be working on my end. ;-)