New Open Source Video Advertising Platform

New Open Source Video Advertising, a provider of contextual advertising for online video, has launched OneSource, the first open and universal video ad platform. OneSource empowers publishers to add, configure, and optimize video advertising across virtually all ad sources and all formats using sophisticated technology and a simple, single interface.

With the rapid growth of online video, increasing complexities from a lack of standards and an ongoing surge of online ad networks and exchanges, publishers are struggling to find a simple and effective way to monetize their video content while maintaining control over the viewing experience. allows publishers to smartly choose ad sources and ad formats that best match their video content, while maximizing their revenue and user experience.

Through OneSource, provides publishers of all types with a single point of integration and control with the flexibility to support all formats across all ad sources to eliminate integration burdens and coverage inefficiencies. selects and optimizes brand and direct response ads using proprietary algorithms that consider video classification, content rating and contextual analysis to provide the best revenue yield.

"This announcement represents a significant milestone in the evolution of online advertising for video," said Amir Ashkenazi, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of

" OneSource leverages the collective wisdom of all advertising sources, including all major ad networks, for the benefit of its customers and provides them with a simple and seamless experience to get the most out of their online video inventory."

He also said that publishers can use OneSource to manage their in-house ads and ads from more than 50 text, display, and video ad networks. OneSource also provides publishers with full transparency and reporting capabilities. By using its Web-based dashboard, customers can monitor ad performance and track revenue funnel metrics by account, site, geography, category, video, and more.

" is solving a real challenge in online video advertising by providing publishers a single destination to manage all their video ad networks," said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe.

"Metacafe has long worked with multiple providers, and OneSource will help manage this in a way that efficiently and effectively enables us to monetize more inventory at higher CPMs."

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