Slimming Down In A Fat Market - Ooyala Steps Up With New Video Player

Slimming Down In A Fat Market   Ooyala Steps Up With New Video PlayerLast week, Ooyala, an online video platform that we've covered many times in the past, released a completely overhauled, "Slim" new version of their video player. The new player has been aptly named, "Swift" because it is designed to offer improved playback with a faster loading, reduced size player.  This, in addition to several other advanced features, is a major update for Ooyala customers.

This new player is much faster loading in comparison to their previous player. Here is an example of the new player (more about the player, below):

What is New with the Video Player?

Overall, the UI is much more elegant and there are several added features that can be customized for the new player.  You can now choose to display the title and description for the start screen.

Aside from a new, more polished UI design, the player has been overhauled to allow for faster and smoother playback as it features improved bandwidth detection capabilities.  Intelligent bandwidth detection is an integral part of Ooyala's adaptive bit rate video delivery technology and according to Ooyala, they are the first to offer online video delivery using adaptive bitrate technology, without requiring Flash 10 or Media Server 3.5.

The Swift player features plug-in architecture that is similar in some ways to Adobe Strobe and features an extensible plugin architecture which allows for on-demand loading of component modules.  This reduces the video player's "footprint" as modules are only deployed when in use.  As an example, video players not serving ads will not be deployed with the ad module.  Additionally, the extensible design allows Ooyala customers and developers to integrate new custom modules with relative ease.

Finally, the video player features a completely modular design, which means greater access to more advanced options such as live streaming and synchronized playback.

Swift Feature Highlights:

  • Reduced player size resulting in faster load times and lower abandonment rates.
  • Modular components enabling faster innovation and easier integration of new functionality.
  • Higher quality playback driving greater video consumption and engagement.
  • Enhanced UI and flexible controls producing a highly customized viewing experience.
  • Improved bandwidth detection providing seamless playback.

While several clients were already utilizing the player pre-launch, the player is now available to all Backlot customers.  If you are a current Ooyala Backlot customer, you can configure your account to begin using this new player by checking the box that says "new player" next to your default player in the "Accounts>Player Branding" section of Ooyala Backlot.

Congrats to Ooyala - Very Cool. Lookout Brightcove ;-)

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