Ooyala Launches New Online Video Analytics Suite for Backlot

Ooyala Launches New Online Video Analytics Suite for BacklotAs most of you know, ReelSEO.com proudly utilizes Ooyala for the majority of videos that we have released on our site (with many more to come in the future I hope). Since the launch of Backlot, Ooyala's video platform (March 2008), they have reportedly had more than 10,000 installs with publishers in over 25 different countries.

Today, Ooyala launched a complete overhaul of their video analytics suite, Backlot Analytics.  Backlot Analytics is the online video measurement console that is integrated into Ooyala Backlot. With the new release of their video analytics reporting suite, users will be able to view near real-time, comprehensive viewing metrics.

According to Ooyala, "The redesign of Ooyala's analytics solution makes report creation 10 times faster and gives content owners and video publishers a deeper understanding of audience reach and viewer engagement."

In addition to the speed improvements, Ooyala has released several updates to the reporting functionality available and has re-designed the application with a new, stylish and consolidated interface.  With this new reporting functionality, content publishers will gain insight into the value an end-user places on their video assets, and the effectiveness of various programming strategies.

"Providing content owners, video publishers, and advertisers detailed information about their video delivery and advertising campaigns is core to Ooyala's mission of helping media companies build businesses online."

The following is a partial list of additional reporting features, functionality, and user interface improvements to Backlot Analytics:

  • Geo-Reporting: Country-level viewership reports allow content owners to get a global overview of where their content is being watched.
  • Domain Reporting: Domain-level and syndication partnership reports give publishers visibility into which partnerships are performing.
  • Engagement Metrics: Viewer engagement reporting shows content owners where people are losing interest in their content and/or advertising.
  • Analytics API: Programmatic access to reports and data allow flexible integration into existing workflows and systems.
  • Video Abandonment Reports: Abilitiy to perform real-time, scene-by-scene analysis of video programming to reveal where viewers are engaged and where they abandon video.
  • Customized Dashboard: Personalized reporting dashboards bring the relevant reports and data to the forefront of the application.
  • Report Driven Interface: Simplifies complex viewership data quickly and efficiently. Reports are easy to share and easy to comprehend.
  • Session Autosave: Use a consistent, customized interface. The application remembers interface preferences such as calendar and dashboard information.

Very cool.  Thanks Ooyala

Check out our interview with Ooyala's Lead Analytics Engineer - Venkat Jonnadula.

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    Nice post. I think this makes way for a lot of agencies to really start pushing video advertising on the internet for their clients. I know one of the biggest barriers was the inability to track how long visitors watched a clip before moving on to the next one.

    The video engagement and abandonment reporting from Ooyala does look extremely cool.

    I'll certainly be checking them out. Thanks for the info - I'm bookmarking your site!