The Online Video Weekly News Reel – Brno Edition

The Online Video Weekly News Reel   Brno Edition

On the road again… I'm traveling to visit some friends in Brno (the second largest city in the Czech Republic) and if you think that's hard to say try "strč prst skrz krk" which is a Czech idiom. But as always I am tasked with bringing you your Sunday reading of what was hot here at ReelSEO and elsewhere in regards to online video, so off we go.

Top Read at ReelSEO

The most read article of the week here was fueled by Jeremy's skepticism about whether or not Ark Music makes music and Rebecca Black has talent in Rebecca Black's Friday May Have Been Viral Video Marketing At Its Best

Second most read for the week was  7 Ways Small Businesses Are Utilizing Online Video To Grow Business
which could probably tie directly into that first article.

Rounding out the top read this week and giving Jeremy the trifecta is YouTube Animation Software For Filmmakers – No Camera? No Problem! I don't know that it will ever replace true film or filmmakers but it's fun and fairly easy at times.

Interesting Online Video News Elsewhere

Ah yes, the lovable Elsehwherian without whom life would be far less crowded and we would all have far less to do on a daily basis. Luckily, they like to create a wide range of content each week so we always have something interesting to look forward to.

Video Advertising

The UK gets a new online video ad marketplace as Launches First Video Advertising Marketplace in United Kingdom

Video Sharing

Qik Video Connect for iPhone allows video calling video messaging, and video sharing

Mobile video company Qik, which has been acquired by Skypelaunched a new iPhone app called Qik Video Connect, enabling people to stay connected with friends and family through video calling, video messaging and video sharing.

Video SEO

New Real time transcription service: Critical Media Offers Real-Time Transcription Services For Online Vid Creators

Internet TV

Starz falling on Netflix

Starz, one of Netflix's closest content-sharing partners, has announced that it will delay by three months the time when new episodes of its TV shows can be streamed on Netflix. According to this report, the move comes as more companies in the TV industry see Netflix as a rival for viewers' wallets,Home Media Magazine

Operating Systems

Google says it will delay the release indefinitely of the source code for Android 3.0 — known as Honeycomb — because it needs to improve the software's ability to support smartphones and other devices with smaller screens than the tablets Honeycomb was originally designed to support. All Things Digital/Mobilized blog

Tech talk

New SD Card Common Interface Standard
The CEA DTV Interface Subcommittee published CEA-2040, SD Card Common Interface Standard, in February. This new standard describes an interface between a Common Interface Module (CI Module) located on an SD Card and a host device. It specifies the interface between a digital television receiver (hand-held, stationary or otherwise) and a small removable, replaceable CI Module that implements and embodies significant portions of a conditional access system. Amber Harloff

I leave you this week with an interesting video which I quite like (in regards to production) but which I question the actual content of (the patent) just because I am skeptical and there's no true explanation of what it is in the video. Amber Harloff did email it to me as she thought I might be interested due to its TV Everywhere moniker. Whether or not it ever becomes reality is something I cannot even guess. But I thought it was a sort of new way to promote something we don't normally see promoted like this, patents. Starting bid is only $200 million, I'll go check the couch.

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  • Amber Harloff

    Chistopher, thanks for the mention here as well. I follow your posts… all the time!

    TV everywhere…. I am a skeptic as well…. being that my background is in science! My take on it was you never know, could be brilliance, could be crazy they both share the same space. Apparently prototypes are the some interested buyers. If it ever came to being, it really would offer alot of worldwide solutions. Here also lies a bit of skepticism for me… I am not sure the whole world NEEDS TV! It would be a double edged sword. Offering information, entertainment and education to everyone everywhere, but along with that could also come some serious corruption!
    Regardless, I really enjoyed the production of the video, and plan to do more advertising for patents! Thanks again!

    Maybe we could put our couches together!??

    • Christophor Rick

      I definitely don't think the entire world needs the large amount of crap made in America like reality TV, Fox News, almost anything that CW makes… the corruption would be of the people's minds and bodies as they might all become fat, lazy couch potatoes…

      Now on the other hand, I could see loads of things that were fantastic, any kind of studying, how-to videos (for example building/repairing infrastructure for poorer regions of the world).

      I would love to see a demo of a prototype when that comes about, I think it really could have great uses, however, the patent owner is already looking to monetize which means that it will end up being a corporate endeavor and not for the good of humanity. That will almost instantly place it far outside the ability of many to obtain it financially. That is a shame as it is another potentially great invention that much of the world (especially those you might really need it) will never see.

  • Amber Harloff

    Well said… It would be interesting to know how many inventions or cures are stiffled due to corporate contamination! Keep up the informative writing!

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