Online Video Weekly News Reel – Witch Burning Edition

Online Video Weekly News Reel   Witch Burning Edition

No, we're not really burning witches. But last night was Čarodejnice here in the Czech Republic, a tradition where bonfires are lit to help send winter on its way and usher in Spring. There's a lot of thought on why we do it ranging from breaking the winter witches power to tricking them into flying into the fire to just trying to protect crops and yet unborn children. Alright, really it's just a reason to get together, drink beer, cook and eat sausages next to a roaring open fire and listen to some tunes with friends. Of course, 15 minutes after we got to the party in Prague, it started pouring down rain…figures, I didn't even get to cook a sausage on the fire!Right, none of that has anything to do with online video…well except that someone filmed one of those celebrations last year and put it on YouTube.

It's rather tame as it's for children… but you get the idea.

Top Read at ReelSEO

Prince William and Kate actually trumped everything this week at ReelSEO. I wouldn't mention it normally because the article is 12 days old and I only look at weekly new articles, but it dealt such a crushing blow to all other content…I couldn't ignore it. Here's the power of (Reel) SEO… Watch The British Royal Wedding Streaming Live On YouTube took the cake and whooped 12 days worth of newer competition.

Even a force of nature was no match and Jeremy's tornado article was swept to second most read by the royal couple.

Rounding out the top three for the week was Best Viral Video Marketing Campaign: Second Baptist Church of Houston's Dance Party

Top Read Elsewhere

Elsewhere across the realm of online video other stuff was going on besides royal types knot-tying. For example:

Internet TV

Hulu Plus Heads to XBLA (Gamers Daily News)

After some fair amount of time Hulu Plus is now available on your Xbox 360. Game consoles are one of the best ways to get your television connected to the Internet (if you haven't got an Internet TV or a Google TV, etc) and now you can get all your Hulu Plus content right through yours.

I was also quoted over at Zintro for a piece talking about Netflix and Internet TV. They contacted me for some quotes for an article titled Online video streaming industry is heating up ( I know, it's not really news).

Epix Goes Platform Agnostic

Via Multichannel News

Taking a page out of Netflix's playbook, premium network Epix announced it expects to be able to stream movies and other content to more than 100 consumer electronics and mobile devices by mid-2011, available to customers who subscribe to the channel through a participating pay-TV provider.

Connected TV

Via Pocket Lint

Skype puts you on TV with Sony Bravia

Making a phone call is so 19th century. And even making a call on a mobile is like, so, 20th century. These days darlings, it's all about video calling on your TV. It's as if The Jetsons is coming true.

And now you can make calls with your Bravia TV after Sony announced the arrival of a Skype app for its web-connected home cinema range.

Online Video Technology Named "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm

via email, the world's largest media encoding service provider, which leverages cloud computing to offer scalable and flexible usage-based encoding for video content publishers and platforms, today announced it has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the Enterprise Communications and Network Services, 2011 report by Gartner, Inc.

The vendors selected by Gartner, as Cool Vendors 2011, "produce a range of services for communications and networking planners.”  Gartner noted in its key findings that the selected vendors are "developing innovative approaches that make the deployment of cloud-based communications and networking services more secure, reliable and efficient," and that these vendors "offer attractive subscription-based pricing, along with favorable terms and conditions, that are enabling cloud-based services to be cost-effective for emerging communications and networking uses.”

So it was a busy week at ReelSEO (and for me personally as I'm two weeks from the move back to the US) but overall a fairly quiet week in many regards. Hopefully you managed to grab a cup of coffee and have a quick read.

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