The Online Video Weekly News Reel – Opening Week Edition

The Online Video Weekly News Reel   Opening Week Edition

Opening week in the MLB has wrapped up and I have to say, is doing a fantastic job so far. I bought a one-month to cover the gap between the beginning of the season and my return to America. Why am I telling you? It's online video streaming at its finest! Plus, my Milwaukee Brewers are struggling to find some offense and stable pitching, but they're climbing out of that 0-4 start. Anyway, we're not here to talk sports, though I have got an article I'm doing some work on in regards to that, we are here to talk hot news in online video.

Top read at ReelSEO

Bald Eagles top the most read list at ReelSEO this week thanks to Jeremy's viral video article: When Live Streaming Video Goes Viral: A Bald Eagle Case Study

Tim Schmoyer shows up on the most read list again this week with his look at teens and how they look at video: How do Teenagers Perceive Online Video?

Rounding out the list here at ReelSEO for the week is the news that DiSH Buys Blockbuster to Compete with Netflix, Best Buy and Amazon?

Top Online Video News Elsewhere

Moving away from the center of the online video universe (sure, a bit pompous, but I feel good today) and looking out into the rest of the universe we see a lot of other cool things were going on.

Social Media and Networking

Google CEO Page homes in on social networking

Just days after taking over Google's CEO seat, Larry Page sent out a company-wide memo informing employees that bonuses are now tied directly to the company's social media success, according to a report from theBusiness Insider, which said it received a copy of the memo.

Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Australia Business Review

Nowadays it seems that everyone and their mother have either a Twitter or Facebook account. Social media networks are incorporated into practically every area of our lives, making it easier and more accessible to connect and communicate with others.

It is no wonder why the corporate world is looking at ways in which it can utilize the power of social media to its benefit. When designing a marketing campaign for your organization, there are many strategies that can be employed.

Coca-Cola VP Talks About the Keys to Social Media Success

Marketing Pilgrim

Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities at the Coca-Cola Co., gave a presentation at the AdAge Digital Conference where she talked about how social media has completely changed the game for marketers. Though she was using her own multi-billion dollar company as a reference point, much of what she said applies to marketers at every level, from individuals promoting their own talents to small businesses and on up.

Video Advertising

Video Ads Roll-Up as Blinkx Buys Burst Media for £18.5 million

Tech Crunch Europe

Rolling up video advertising is the order of the day its seems. UK advertising tech company and network Burst Media has been acquired for £18.5 million ($30 million) in cash and shares by video indexing and advertising company Blinkx.

Burst was the 16th largest ad network in the U.K. in February 2010, reaching nearly 12.3 million unique viewers, and itself acquired ad network OTP Media, as well as entertainment ad network Giant Realm for $2.1 million, both last year.

An Inside Look at Demand Side Perceptions of Digital Video Advertising

The IAB put out a report about how it sees an increase in digital video advertising this year. A report that I will write more about tomorrow. Here's a quick preview:

Some of the other key findings of the study include:

  • Advertisers are finding that their audiences respond better to DVA, with consumers showing a higher engagement rate with online video.
  • DVA is more trackable and targetable and DVA production is less expensive, making it more cost efficient.

Video Sharing

This feels a bit like big brother watching and might see privacy violated. It will offer one-click upload of surveillance video to the cloud. That also brings to mind some security issues, doesn't it?

Iomega Adds Storage Cloud To NAS-Based Video Surveillance (CRN)

Iomega this week enhanced its NAS-based video conferencing solution with the addition of a new storage cloud for sharing and archiving of surveillance videos.

The company's StorCenter NAS appliances now include the ability to automatically make surveillance videos taken by IP-based CCTV cameras plugged into the network available on an EMC Atmos and perhaps other storage clouds, said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega.

Other Related Stuff

Mozilla shoots for June 21 release of Firefox 5

Computerworld - Mozilla has set an aggressive schedule for the next version of Firefox, slating the release of Firefox 5 for June 21. If it meets that schedule, Mozilla could crank out Firefox 6 just two months later.

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