The Online Video Weekly News Reel – Nothing Edition

The Online Video Weekly News Reel   Nothing Edition

Nothing odd or otherwise noteworthy to report. Or rather there is and I just don't feel like it. It's Sunday and I want to get to some gaming as I'm currently playing Batman Arkham Asylum which I picked up on a Steam sale for $7.50 which is a crazy amazing price. I need to enjoy a game as I played through Homefront in a disgustingly quick four hours. So here's the week in news for online video.

Top Read at ReelSEO

The top read story this week was AT&T DSL, U-Verse Bandwidth Cap Detrimental to Online Video? Wherein I try to decide if the limits they will impose will actually cut into usage for many online video viewers.

Just after that comes the We Already Have The World's First iPad 2 Movie article by Jeremy that is fairly self-explanatory, right?

New Netflix Competitor, Zediva, Brings Unique Twist To DVD "Rental” took third spot this week on the Reel Readers top list and stirred up a bit of debate in comments. Is it legal? Time will tell as they have already been shut down and re-opened once.

Hot online video news elsewhere

While we were all busy reading and writing and watching video here at ReelSEO, the Elsewherians were also busy doing much the same thing. Here are some stories from elsewhere in the world of online video.

Video Marketing


Using Coincident TV's interactive video platform, would-be travelers are now able to access high quality video content for 50 of the most popular local destinations – to inform, educate and excite them as they plan their trips.

Tnooz, the leading travel technology blog, showcased the new experience here! Check it out!

Video Advertising


ADTECH, the international provider of ad serving solutions and part of AOL Advertising, and Intergi Entertainment today announced that ADTECH has signed on as the exclusive ad serving platform for Playwire, Intergi's new online video platform. A new product from the online advertising experts at Intergi, Playwire was specifically designed to make it easier for businesses to monetize video content at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

Video Technology


Nearly one in four (23 percent) digital imaging enthusiasts are likely to purchase a 3D digital camera within the next year, according to a new Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) study. The study, 3D Digital Imaging: Consumer Perceptions of this Emerging Technology, examines awareness, perceptions, purchase intent and product uses.

The top reasons consumers indicated they were likely to purchase a 3D digital camera included an interest in 3D technology (61 percent), an appreciation for additional photographic options (55 percent), a desire to be on the cutting-edge of technology (23 percent) and a belief that 3D will help them be more creative (22 percent).

Video Research and Trends

comScore released their 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review which I will write up this week for ReelSEO. Here is what it covered:

  • How are Canadians consuming digital media, and how does this compare to other countries?
  • Which trends dominated the digital landscape in 2010?
  • How does media consumption differ across age and gender segments?
  • What trends are we seeing in the social networking space, and what impact does that have on email activity?
  • How has digital advertising shifted in the last year, and how has social media played a part?
  • Which content categories are serving up the most videos? Who's watching online video in Canada?
  • What is the current state of the search market?
  • How will mobile media consumption in Canada stack up against other markets?

Viral Video

Times Square hacker hoax revealed to be viral ad

On Monday, a YouTube clip surfaced showing a man hacking into the video billboards in Time Square and putting himself on the screens, using only his cell phone, a "transmitter," and a red balloon. We determined the video was a hoax, since those digital ads go through a computer system that would require access codes, and wouldn't simply play images that had been "transmitted" to them through an outside source.

Video Sharing

Concurrent to Demo Cloud-Hosted, Multi-Screen Video Sharing Application

Provider of video and media data and advertising solutions Concurrent will be demonstrating an innovative commercial video application for exchanging personal video content at an upcoming conference.

Thanks to Concurrent, users can record and upload personal video content from a mobile phone to the company's cloud hosted i2TV platform.  Company officials said that the use of i2TV solution enables users to define video sharing profiles and make content available to friends and family for on-demand playback on a variety of consumer devices such as traditional set-top boxes, personal computers, and mobile phones.

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