Online Video Weekly News Reel – B-Easter Boys Edition

Online Video Weekly News Reel   B Easter Boys Edition

For the Catholics in the audience, Happy Easter, for the zombie lovers, Happy Zombie Jesus Day, for everyone else Happy Oestre, Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos. It was a slow week in some parts of the world as Friday was a day off for some. Still, loads was going on in the world of online video and so, here I am to give you the triple scoop…go ahead, it's a holiday, indulge!

Top Read at ReelSEO

As always we kick off with what was most read here, in case you missed it.

Most read new article of the week ended in a debate between Jeremy and I, or did it?  Check out I'm Calling It: Web TV Series Are Officially Legitimized and find out what we and others thought.

If that's not your plate of ham then how about Are You Flipped Out About the Flip? by Larry Kless… so are you?

If you're not flipped about that then maybe your flipped about Google flipping a switch,Google Video To Close, All Videos To Be Removed By Mid-May

Interesting Online Video industry News

Like I said, it was a fairly slow week and as a result I had a mostly empty inbox. But still some things crept into the mix.

The Beastie Boys are back in action (Hallelujah!). To get the word out about their Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 CD, they've been busy guys both in the present and the future if you're to believe their 30-minute music video. Here's a trailer for it.

The whole video is on Hulu which means I can't see it, but you can go check it out if you're in the US. There's also an interview with Mike D. over at Hulu.

Video Cameras and Tech

Toshiba is offering a waterproof HD video camera

Via ZDNet

Toshiba has started shipping the Camileo BW10 HD camcorder, a waterproof device that can be submerged to depths of more than 6 feet. The Camileo BW10, which weighs just 3.5 ounces and costs $150, can shoot 5-megapixel still photos and capture full HD 1080p video with a 10x digital zoom.

Internet TV

Hulu gives PlayBook tablet the cold shoulder


PlayBook owners earlier this week were able to view free video content on, but the site's shows and movies are now blocked on the device. A PlayBook user attempting to access video on the site is greeted by a message from Hulu that says the device isn't supported by the site.

Sounds like some sideways, double-dealing anti-consumer bull to me.

Speaking of Hulu:

Now Available: Update v2.3 for Hulu Plus on iOS

Earlier in the week Hulu released version 2.3 of our Hulu Plus iOS application to the Apple App Store.

Some noticeable changes in Version 2.3:

  • - Search results are now organized into tabs which are easier to review
  • - There is a dedicated button on the Movies menu for our popular and growing Criterion movie collection

Additionally, we made a number of changes under the hood to improve performance and video playback for both the iPhone and the iPad. This included fixing an issue with the resume functionality which was affecting a small number of users.

If you're an existing Hulu Plus subscriber with an iTouch, iPhone, or iPad, please download or update the app and try it out. Thanks for your continued support.

Video Contests

The CEA Announced Earth Day photo and video Winners

Two video winners nabbed top honors, one from judges and one from the people check them out to see why.

Judge's top

People's choice

Online Video Tech

We don't report this stuff, but is pretty cool, so here you go:, the world's largest and fastest video encoding service provider, today announced a $2 million infusion from current investors led by Marc Michel, Managing Partner of Metamorphic Ventures.  The funding will support a rapid expansion in the scale of's operations, in response to its growing customer base, now 1,700 customers, and the explosive acceptance of its new universal video URL service.

With some of their new ventures it's good to see them get some money to support their innovation.

Video Sharing

Dartfish has been on my RADAR for a bit and I just haven't gotten round to doing anything in-depth yet. But I thought I would share this with you nonetheless.

Dartfish, a video solutions provider, today announced the commercial release of Dartfish.TV 3, the industry-leading video-sharing platform that enables organizations to educate, learn and improve communication. With the latest version of Dartfish.TV, users can tag specific events online and organize the video content more efficiently. Tagging enables users to break-down videos into short segments, search through them quickly and review specific events without going through the entire video. As a result, users can identify specific events that are important, reduce the time to provide instant feedback and assimilate the information quickly for efficient communication.

Dartfish provides a solution that enables users to create unique content enriched with comments and illustrations, analyze multiple games and performances, and selectively share the videos on Dartfish.TV. These unique capabilities have already made Dartfish.TV the choice of winning sports organizations, and now the platform is being adopted by groups in education and other industries.

It's some great stuff that could help you analyze anything from your golf swing to Ryan Braun's awesome power-hitting homerun swing (Go Brew Crew!).

Consumer Electronics

Tablets Quickly Become Major Home Entertainment Device

The tablet market took off just over a year ago, and for millions of purchasers the device has already become a big part of their daily lives. Most owners report using their other computers less, and find their tablets filling a greater role when it comes to entertainment and media consumption.
Full Article (at Emarketer)

Video SEO

Check, Check it YO. Top Ten SEO is Reel! I will leave you with this while you slowly slip into a food coma., an independent authority on search vendors has named the best Video SEO Companies for the month of April 2011.  All the Video Search Engine Optimization firms recognized next to hundreds of other Video SEO Companies have gone through a comprehensive process evaluated by a qualified and experienced team of researchers.  Every company is assessed through sound feedback to gauge their level of expertise.

"Cutting through all the noise-makers, topseos' evaluation system picks out the cream of the crop Video SEO firms. This evaluation process is specific to the strategies of Video SEO and works at identifying those firms who excel in this technology. All the top Best Video SEO has successfully optimized their client websites exceptionally," said Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of (

The Top 10 Video Search Engine Optimization Companies for April 2011 are:

1.)                   HighPoint Search Marketing

2.)                   WebiMax

3.)                   Intrapromote LLC

4.)                   Fathom SEO

5.)                   SearchPro Systems

6.)              ReelSEO (BOOM SHAKKA LAKKA!)

7.)                   RAMP

8.)                   Keyword Performance LLC

9.)                   The Search Engine Pros

10.)                 ADV Media Productions, Inc. facilitated a thorough evaluation to evaluate and gauge how these firms implement Video SEO Services for their clients. They have gathered feedback from at least three (3) clients of these firms to understand their performance better.  A list of questions has been provided to the clients of these Video SEO Companies in the course of their evaluation process that include both general and project-specific queries such as, "What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?”, "What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?”, "What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?”, "What was your total investment?”, "Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest)”, "How are videos optimized for important key phrases? Are key phrases tagged?”, "Are videos on the site being used as links to other content on the site or other portals?”, "Are transcripts or other on-page copy provided for search engine indexing?”, "Has a video sitemap been designed and put into place on the site?”, "Has descriptive Meta Data been used for these videos?”

I hope you all enjoy the weekend, I'm visiting friends in Brno for a final time and was roped into roofing a carport (asphalt shingle style). Luckily, I'm an old pro and did it for a couple years as one of my 35 jobs. So we're mostly done after 4 hours and have about two more to go.

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