The Online Video Weekly News Reel – 13 March 2011

The Online Video Weekly News Reel   13 March 2011

This was a busy week as I was in both Prague and Hamburg. Then when I returned the Wisconsin government had gone and done something illegal, Japan had been hit by a massive earthquake and then a tsunami and well, the world just seemed to be falling apart. Still, I watched it all online, in video. So the industry presses forward while our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the tragic events happening around the world.

Top Reads at ReelSEO

The most read article this week was Did Apple Cheap Out On The iPad 2 Video Cameras? Yes & No. Of course everyone wanted to know.

Just behind that was The Pros and Cons of YouTube Embedded Video for Your Business Website because of course, you should know.

Third was 20 Ways An Internet Marketing Agency Can Use Website Video because of course, you need to know.

Online Video News Elsewhere

That mysterious place elsewhere, which is of course, anywhere but here. So let's find out what the elsewherians are talking about.

Video SEO

The Top 5 Video SEO Companies Ranked By for March 2011 (UK)

  1. Sayu Limited
  2. Barracuda Digital
  3. Web Optimiser
  4. Skive Logik
  5. Brightcove Inc.

Free WordPress SEO Video Series Launched by Ztweet On How to Rank On Google With WordPress SEO PLUGIN

Video Sharing

Socialcam: Mobile video sharing done rightSocialcam is hardly the first mobile app to record and share videos. Remember 12 Seconds? Didn't make it. But not because it was the wrong idea. As Socialcam shows, video sharing from a mobile device can work extremely well. The secret is the execution.

YouTube says it will expand its staff by 30 percent this year, making it the biggest hiring year in the video sharing site's nearly six year history.

Concurrent to Demo Cloud-Hosted, Multi-Screen Video Sharing Application – Provider of video and media data and advertising solutions Concurrent will be demonstrating an innovative commercial video application for exchanging personal video content at an upcoming conference.

Video Advertising

Google to Help Broker Video Ads – The Wall Street Journal reports: Google Inc., trying to become a middleman for selling video ads on the Internet, will soon test a service that matches advertisers with website publishers, including Google's own YouTube video site.

TidalTV Launches Mobile Video Advertising – Reported by Online video advertising company TidalTV is launching a mobile video advertising program today, letting marketers and advertisers plan multi-screen campaigns. TidalTV is offering advanced targeting as a differentiator, letting brands control who sees their ads, as well as when and where those ads are shown.

Intergi Launches New Video Platform

The online advertising experts at Intergi Entertainment are launching Playwire, the first online video platform that makes it easy for anyone to make money with online video advertising.

Playwire was built from the ground up with a singular focus on making it easy for everyone to stream, share and make money with online video.  At the heart of Playwire's online video platform is the state-of-the-art 'Bolt' video player <> , a free, open source video player that delivers fast, high definition video anywhere – including mobile devices

Original online video Content

Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG;, announced a partnership with McDonald's and Dallas-based Latino ad agency, iNSPIRE! to launchLatinos Are One, a new web series airing in key Hispanic markets that will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the passion, talent and determination it requires to become a sensation in the Latin music scene.

Latinos Are One is the newest way McDonald's is aiming to connect with Lateens – bicultural Latino teens that drive fusion of American and Latino music, fashion, language and food. These teenagers are avid lovers of music of all kinds, and as trendsetters in popular culture, reaching them means providing new news for what they love the most: Music.

Latinos Are One features Andres Levin, a nine-time Grammy-nominated music producer (David Byrne, Gladys Knight, Paulina Rubio, Mos Def) in the eight-episode series. He will go one-on-one with three up-and-coming Latin musical acts to show them what it takes to create a musical collaboration of the highest caliber.

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  • calltopono

    I beg to differ on your blurb that "the Wisconsin government had gone and done something illegal." That's your opinion. And your opinion is based on total lies. The legislators who did show up for work did what needed to be done legally to address the huge deficit that the state is faced with. The unions roared like an aging lion in its last days. The vote was taken and the bill sent to the Governor for signature. If you can prove to me that your statement is true then I will have respect for your opinions. Meantime, get your facts straight!

    • Christophor Rick

      Questionable: Stating that all along collective bargaining was about the budget. Then going on a radio show and clearly stating that "it is all about defunding the opposing political party to ensure the Republicans win the next Presidential election.

      Illegal: Attempting to charge $31,000 for an open records request that asked to see all emails between the Koch lobbyist and the office of the Governor. In direction violation of the Open Records Act.

      Questionable: Sending his people to negotiate with the Senate Dems when apparently, they had no intention of actually upholding any of the compromises or negotiations.

      Illegal: Not giving 24 hour notice of the committee meetings and the call for a vote.

      The Wisconsin Open Meetings Law states that a 24 hour notice is required for these sorts of meetings so that the interested public as well as elected officials may be in attendance. According to you they gave 1.5 hours. Actually they pushed the whole process through in less than 30 minutes.

      Questionable: Using a tunnel from the M&I Bank building to the basement of the state capitol to get lobbyists into the building, while still preventing the citizens from entering the building

      Actually, that's probably illegal and not just questionable. Blocking access to the building during a public meeting (the Governor's budget presentation and other meetings) is against the law. So I guess that goes beyond questionable.

      Illegal: Conspiring to plant troublemakers in a peaceful protest to break up the demonstrations.

      Federal Law violation based on attempting to prevent US citizens from exercising their right to free speech and peaceful gathering and demonstration. Hopefully, this is being investigated further. It is most certainly an impeachable offense.

  • Dem Seonator

    That's too much money spent on printing emails. Eventhough I am all in favour of transparancy: Why not publish them digitally? Or is this a smokescreen/cover up? And that planting troublemaker talk sounds really fishy.

    Btw good post about video seo.

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