Video Viewing Behavior Measurement Tools

Video Viewing Behavior Measurement Tools

Visible Measures Introduces Internet Video Industry's First Audience Behavior Measurement Suite

Visible Measures Corp, a Boston-based technology startup specializing in measuring the behavior of Internet video audiences, today unveiled VisibleSuite, the company's flagship solution to help video publishers and advertisers understand and grow their online viewing audiences. Launched at DEMO 08, a semi-annual conference that highlights emerging technologies and new products, VisibleSuite measures the in-stream viewing behavior of Internet video audiences.

The company's patent-pending data collection approach captures every video interaction in every video from every viewer, from play to pause to rewind to forward-to-a-friend and more. VisibleSuite provides publishers and advertisers with precise performance measurements when planning online video marketing and advertising strategies, including how audiences find, view, interact with and share each online video.

"Visible Measures is bringing a long-awaited next-generation measurement approach to online video," commented Tim Hanlon, executive vice president of ventures at Publicis Groupe's Denuo futures unit, and an advisor to Visible Measures. "There's just no question that the Internet video industry needs better metrics for this new medium in order to drive effective monetization and VisibleSuite is built from the ground up to do just that.”

Research firm eMarketer projects that by 2011 more than 85% of the U.S. Internet population will consume Internet video, up from roughly 63% in 2006. The last time this kind of viewership growth occurred in a new medium was when the television was first introduced in the early 1950s.

VisibleSuite enables video publishers to make data-driven management decisions about their content portfolios, distribution strategies, and audience targeting. As they look to grow their total audience while increasing viewing time and viewer involvement, Internet video publishers can now use Visible Measures' technology to understand exactly how their online audiences engage with their video content.

"Funny or Die is constantly looking for significant innovations that will help us better understand our audience and leverage our growing content library," said Mitch Galbraith, COO, Funny or Die. "Data tracking and analysis play important roles. Unfortunately, the process for online video has not been as easy or effective as we'd like. We're looking forward to working with Visible Measures to tackle these challenges and more deeply understand our audience's behavior.”

With VisibleSuite's ability to measure the behavior of their Internet video audiences, video advertisers can know not just that their placement was viewed, but how much the audience was involved in the message and then map results to specific campaigns.

"Advertisers will increasingly leverage Internet video as a powerful medium to communicate with customers and prospective buyers," stated Baba Shetty, Chief Media Officer, Hill Holliday. "Unlike the early days when measurement started and stopped with page views, technology innovators like Visible Measures are providing advertisers with deep visibility into the Internet video viewing experience. For our campaigns and our clients this means more focused, meaningful and results-oriented communications.”

"Internet video consumption has skyrocketed in the past several years and has led publishers, advertisers and video distributors to seek out better ways to measure and monetize this new media landscape," said Brian Shin, founder and CEO of Visible Measures. "The insights that we're able to uncover can improve the overall Internet video experience while respecting the privacy expectations of the viewing audience.”

At DEMO 08, Visible Measures will show audience behavior measurement results for the Web site, which features video programmed and distributed using the Brightcove Internet TV platform.

"Audience measurement is becoming increasingly important for video publishers as they look to optimize their programming and advertising," said Jeremy Allaire, chairman and CEO of Brightcove. "Visible Measures has developed an innovative new approach to video audience measurement that is complementary to Web analytics. Visible Measures' integration with Brightcove makes it easy for content publishers to take advantage of these new insights.”

Available immediately, VisibleSuite is an on-demand Web service that requires minimal integration and is priced based on overall video consumption. VisibleSuite is already in use by such forward-thinking Internet video publishers and advertisers as DEMO, Funny or Die, Hill Holliday, HoneyShed / Droga5,, and others.

In addition to releasing VisibleSuite, Visible Measures today unveiled significant corporate milestones including the close of a $13.5 million Series B round of financing led by MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures with participation from Series A investor General Catalyst Partners. Visible Measures also announced the acquisition of Vidmeter, a provider of viral video distribution and analytics services.

About Visible Measures

Visible Measures specializes in measuring the consumption and distribution of Internet video. Designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of video publishers and advertisers, our patent-pending measurement approach captures every video interaction by every viewer in every video, from play to pause to rewind to forward-to-a-friend and more. This provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into their online video audiences and how they engage with content assets, Web-based distribution, and advertising placements. Visible Measures is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Digital Video Committee and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). To learn more about how Visible Measures can help you determine the effectiveness and monetization potential of your video content, visit

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