Online Video Sharing for Businesses and Press Releases

Online Video Sharing for Businesses and Press ReleasesReaching out to the millions of businesses that want to share video news releases and corporate videos in a professional environment, the press release distribution site PR NewsChannel announced that it has begun beta testing PRNewsChannel Video.

In what can best be described as a YouTube and a MySpace for business, PRNewsChannel Video 2.0 is a free video and audio sharing site that enables businesses to quickly and easily upload videos. But unlike MySpace and YouTube, PRNewsChannel Video offers a business-like, professional and corporate environment for start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses to showcase their videos, share them with others or copy and paste the codes so the videos play on their own Web sites.

"On PRNewsChannel Video you won't find your video juxstaposed with clips from Jackass," says Glenn Selig, founder of "This a site by professionals for professionals."

Like MySpace, PRNewsChannel Video also allows executives and companies to create "spaces" or pages on to store all their videos in one space or to use the page as a secondary page to attract new business, to network with other businesses or to establish a strong, professional video presence online.

Any videos uploaded on PRNewsChannel Video may be embedded at no additional cost in electronic press releases distributed via email or online through

Another benefit of uploading videos of PRNewsChannel Video: There is no PRNewsChannel logo branded on the video, like those you'd find on YouTube and MySpace., the only press release newswire created and run by former journalists, is the first and only press releas distribution company to own and operate its own video distribution site. The press release distribution company encourages companies to upload their videos onto PRNewsChannel and then embed the video into their electronic press releases at no additional charge.

"We are pioneers in this area," says Selig. "We're bringing the press release distribution game to a whole new level."

PRNewsChannel Video site is in the beta-testing phase. The company plans a national rollout of PRNewsChannel Video 2.0 in April.

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  • Ken

    Does anyone know the best place to host a video so that I can embed it in my webpages. I have been using YouTube but the quality really is compressed and I need a better solution. I need a simple interface, again, a place that will let me upload my videos and then grab a link to embed that within my webpage. I would also like it to not have a companies logo embedded within my video.
    Thanks much,