The Day In Online Video News And Views 27th November 2013

The Day In Online Video News And Views 27th November 2013

A week is a long time in viral video and it's been a roller-coaster few days for Goldieblox. First they storm the internet with their "Princess Machine" ad, then they get into a war of words with The Beastie Boys over the use of the song "Girls" in the video and finally, today, they upload a new version of the ad, sans Beasties track after telling the band that “we want to be your friends”.

The company, who make engineering based toys for young girls, posted an open letter to the group stating that while they still believe that they were covered by Fair Use, they respect the wishes of Adam Yauch and his wish that the band's music not be used in commercials. Removing the contested track from the ad means the internet community has potentially lost out on what would have been a fascinating copyright case. However, Goldieblox have attracted the kind of publicity many brands can only dream of – who says video marketing doesn't work eh? This and other stories of the day in video world.

The Day in Online Video News

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The Day In VoD and Cable News

Amazon Instant Video launches in Japan with selection of 26,000 movies and TV shows TheVerge

4oD catch-up streaming comes to Sky Now TV and Roku boxes Engadget

TiVo Reports Results for the Third Quarter Tivo

The Day in Advertising, Marketing and Mobile News

YouTube for Android code hints at upcoming 'Music Pass' streaming service TheVerge 

But Wait, There's More!

This angry Seattle diner is the reason the term 'Glasshole' exists DailyDot

Xbox One owners report compatibility problems with UK TV providers Engadget

Twitch Takes Up Cat Herding With Ban on PlayStation 4′s Playroom AllThingsD

YouTube's Player, Back to Simple Buttons? GoogleSystem

PlayStation 4′s Playroom first game banned from Twitch streaming Engadget 

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