The Day In Online Video News And Views 26th November 2013

The Day In Online Video News And Views 26th November 2013

The live streaming, or uploading of pre-recorded video is second nature to many gamers, who use their consoles to connect with friends, family and other gamers. With the unprecedented technology that came as standard with the PS4 and Xbox One, it was perhaps inevitable that some users quickly deviated from the main purpose of streaming and turned the cameras in on themselves. Today, Microsoft issued a warning regarding the use of excessive profanity on their ‘Upload Studio’ feature, an Xbox One platform that allows users to share footage of their gaming clips with others. Although gamers can upload footage from 18+ games, they themselves are not allowed to swear during the commentary that accompanies it, and persistent offenders will be banned. Microsoft confirm that they want a "safe, fun" environment for all users and will take action against those that violate their TOS regarding conduct.

Meanwhile, over at Sony, some footage from a PS4 user who decided to strip his sleeping wife naked for the world to see, is just one of many an incident where users have live streamed less than wholesome clips online. This particular user was banned (although there are now images of his wife all over the net) but this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as saucy or violent user-generated content is concerned. These and other stories from the day in videoland.

The Day in Online Video News

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