The Day In Online Video News And Views 20th November 2013

The Day In Online Video News And Views 20th November 2013

YouTube is landing on Xbox One and players will have the ability to control it in two Go Go Gadget ways: voice or gesture. The app will be ready in time for the launch of the new games console in a couple of days and will not only give players access to their YouTube subscriptions but will also display videos in 1080p. The site confirmed today that they have nothing to announce for the PS4 just yet. Nice to see that Microsoft and Google can play nice over this app but can't get it together for the YouTube app for the Windows phone.

Xbox One also comes with a range of other entertainment apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Redbox. Apparently it also has the ability to see through clothing which I'm sure won't appeal to anyone at all. Nope. This and other stories from the day in video.

The Day In Online Video News

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