Online Video Marketing Tips For Brands & Websites From iVillage

Online Video Marketing Tips For Brands & Websites From iVillage

NBC-owned iVillage has steadily grown the frequency and amount of video across its site and is now generating more than 4 million video views each month, with plans to expand the video on its site in 2012. Kelly Wallace, the site's head of video and chief correspondent, said advertisers are keen on integrations into the content, and that viewers like daily franchises. Look for more of that in the year ahead, with more details in this week's New Media Minute.

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Online Video Marketing Tips For Brands

So iVillage is one of the most popular sites on the web, with 26-30 million unique visitors per month, and is increasingly upping the amount of video it runs on the site--which currently generates about 4 million video views each month.

I had the chance to speak with the site's chief correspondent and head of video, Kelly Wallace, and she said that iVillage is going to be expanding the amount of video it has on the site next year.

She also has several tips for any site or brand that wants to start doing more video:

  • Advertisers are extremely interested in video, but want to make sure they're engaging consumers--engagement within the video itself. If a video comes off as advertorial, it's not viewed in the same way.
  • iVillage has seen great success creating franchises--special programs for every day of the week--like a television network.
  • Make sure your video content is connected to your brand. Consider it an extension of your brand.
  • Start small. Video is more expensive than writing articles or putting together slideshows. Also, do as much shooting as you can in one day to save on the budget.
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