The results of new research by FindLaw demonstrates that online video marketing, adding an online video to a law firm Web, site can help increase conversions from prospective clients.

According to the research, consumers typically visit an average of almost 5 websites (4.8) before they end up making a decision as to which attorney to choose.  When video is added to the lawyer's website, this number decreases to 1.8.  This indicates that consumers are more apt to choose an attorney that offers an online video on their website.  Perhaps this is because the clients feel more comfortable dealing with an attorney that they can put a face to...

Research   Online Video Marketing Works for Lawyers attorney video

In any case, we know online video is a popular medium and a new frontier for online marketing.  In my experience, online video marketing is perfect for many small and medium sized businesses.  This is additional proof that it works in particular for this vertical market.

UPDATE: Here is the research presentation.

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    The best thing about a video presentation is how much more personal it is, people like to see the face of someone they will be asking for help, it ensures an extra layer of trust and familiarity. I found a really good Atlanta lawyers through video presentations they had online which were very informative and easily build trust in the first few minutes.

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