Do You Think Online Video Is Clogging The Internet?

I read a great post today by Dan Rayburn, of Streaming Media, where he discusses the fact that it seems almost every few months, we read an article about how the growth of online video consumption is causing a "clogging" of the internet, or how online video sharing is consuming a large majority of the internet's bandwidth.

As Dan points out, just this past week, the Associated Press released an article, "How Internet Video Is Clogging the Pipes."  Dan also points out that the title of the story focuses on "video" but the contents of the story pertain to the effects of file sharing online.  Of course, file sharing can mean many different file formats.  In fact, just yesterday, my "friend" used Comcast cable internet service to share several music files with friends ;-)

The basic argument is this, why do we have to keep reading about this subject when there is little evidence that online video consumption is resulting in such "clogging."
Here is an excerpt from Dan:

"Yet, after saying that file sharing is the problem, the article then says that 'Internet use keeps climbing, with video being the big driver in recent years. Google Inc.'s YouTube, which started up in 2005, already accounts for about 10 percent of Internet traffic.' First, is there anyone out there besides the company who produced that report that believes that YouTube accounts for 10% of all traffic passed on the Internet? And second, how can you compare file sharing to YouTube? They are two different types of traffic. File sharing is usually very large files and most times at very high quality. YouTube is short form content at very low quality."

So, what do you all think?  Does anyone have any evidence to directly correlate the growth of online video with any performance problems related to bandwidth consumption on the internet?  Drop us a line in the comments.

Thanks Dan!

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