Online Video API Services Being Developed

Online Video API Services Being Developed

Here are 3 of the newest online video APIs available:

    • Blips API service gives video content creators free hosting and distribution along with an opt-in ad program. It focuses on episodic content like "shows”. The v2.0 of their REST API offers search capabilities as well as the ability to create posts and add new accounts.
  • Seesmic
    • Soon to be released API for the Seesmic service described by Mike Arrington as a "Video Twitter" where "people are constantly interacting around both user generated and professional content." Both the service and API are in development so more technical details are still pending.
  • ffwd
    • The ffwd API service, in private beta now, is described as "a new way to discover videos from all over the web" through search, organization and sharing tools. The REST-based API for now provides ways to retrieve user profiles, favorites and other interests. It's also part of another API trend: it can return results in both XML and JSON formats.

Here are some additional resources to learn about all the available APIs:

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