Online Video Advertising Performance Rises During Holidays, Says Eyeblaster eyeblaster logo Digital media advertising solutions provider Eyeblaster released its Analytics Bulletin showing the increased potency of online video during the month of December, including big surges in video ad start rates and average duration among consumers.Eyeblasters's Analytics Bulletin mentions that according to an eMarketer report, 37% of all Q4 2007 sales in the US were in December – an obvious tie-in to heavy purchasing done during the Christmas season. That data also translates to highest shopping periods online over other months, both with purchasing online and researching products online before conducting an in-store purchase.

Video Ad Stats for December month

Eyeblaster's presentation data comes from their internal analytics of worldwide 2007 data, which they informed me is taken from "thousands of campaigns and billions of impressions on thousands of sites… collected across verticals, agencies and geographies."

  • Video ads reach almost 50% of users during the holiday season; and out of those reached, 54% view the ad all the way through.

Online Video Advertising Performance Rises During Holidays, Says Eyeblaster eyeblaster video start rate

  • Online video ads are watched 42% longer (nearly 55 seconds) on average. According to the bulletin, "this gives you twice as much the time of a TV ad to get your message through."

Online Video Advertising Performance Rises During Holidays, Says Eyeblaster eyeblaster video duration Also accompanying this data is Eyeblaster's CTR figures for 2007 4Q, which shows across retail and all other top verticals, click-thru rates for video are at far higher rates than a standard banner or non-video rich media ads. "When you need clicks to drive consumers to your site, you need rich media. Combined with the lift in CTR, video is an effective tool in both branding and direct response campaigns, "reads the bulletin.

Online Video Advertising Performance Rises During Holidays, Says Eyeblaster eyeblaster ctr verticals

Eyeblaster informed me that to ensure the highest accuracy, that the statistics presented here are not sample-based but rather reflect all tracked data for any given data point.

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To note, the serious downturn in the economy has already many analysts downsizing their growth projections for online advertising, some by as much as 50% or more from last-year's projections for 2008. However, Eyeblaster's data shows ad performance in terms of views and clicks, which requires no spending commitment from consumers. While both of these are certainly important performance goals, it would be interesting to also see analytics data for online video advertising with conversion goals  further down the pipeline for most holiday business – leads, sales, and referrals (sharing).

  • Matt Zimmerman

    So if we take this article, as well as the recent Center for Media Research study titled "Engaged Online Viewers receptive to Advertising," then clearly there is the possibility of reaching media consumers with online ads. Contrary, of course, to the popular belief that people will ignore online ads if they have the opportunity.

    I am a little shocked at the duration they'll watch an ad for. 55 seconds? Impressive, but yes, the question remains: were these ads tacked onto the start of a video the user wanted to watch, and thus required to be viewed in their entirety?

    Either way, an interesting and well-produced online video ad would seem to have the potential to draw in and hold viewers, making them forget how much they usually want to click past the ads.

  • scott broomfield

    Interesting CTR data. Certainly the video should be and is higher. What's not clear is are we talking pre-roll CTR or in-stream. We see about 5.5% in-stream CTR with general interactivity being a little higher and in-stream ads being a little lower, but still about 1%.