New Online Video Advertising Aggregation Platform

New Online Video Advertising Aggregation PlatformMonsoon Ads, a leading aggregator of online display and contextual advertising for India, today announced the launch of its online video advertising and aggregation platform. Monsoon Ads is the first company to aggregate and serve video ads for the Indian market that enable video on demand Web sites to generate revenue from streaming video views.

Monsoon Ads also announced an agreement to power online advertising on Eros International's newly launched on-demand platform that embraces the revolutionary advertising supported model.

Using Monsoon Ads, Web portals are able to offer video content completely free by monetizing the video stream with periodic targeted advertisements. This is similar to the television model, however, unlike television where advertisers pay for the reach of a station/channel, Monsoon Ads charge advertisers only for advertisements that are actually viewed by users. The ads are delivered based on real time user information including location, age and gender of the viewer, allowing brands as well as local business to reach either the entire audience set or a specific audience restricted by the parameters that they select.

Harsh Nagpal, Director of Monsoon Ads stated, "Our advertising platform is the first of its kind in India; we enable advertisers to broadcast ads through our network to reach their exact target market. An example is that a shopkeeper in Lajpat Nagar looking to reach the female audience of our publisher sites between the age ranges of 20-30 in New Delhi can reach exactly that market. Additionally, we enable publishers to maximize their revenue by aggregating, optimizing and serving video, audio and display ads from networks such as Google, Tribal Fusion, The Monsoon Ad Network, directly sold publisher ads and more.”

Monsoon Ads is in discussions with mobile operators, user generated TV stations and digital cinema distributors for location based cell phone, video and in-theatre advertising. This will offer national brands as well as local advertisers the ability to push relevant, location based advertising for any budget that they choose.

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