How To Measure & Boost Online Video Ad Engagement

How To Measure & Boost Online Video Ad Engagement

Engagement is the most sought-after metric by advertisers, especially in online video, but it's hard to quantify on its own. That's why experts at agencies and places like eMarketer suggest that brands look at where a viewer goes next after watching a video, that video ads be targeted by content and demos, and how much time is spent per viewer per session. For more details on how to measure online video engagement check out this week's New Media Minute.

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Now online video advertising is on track to become one-third of all online display advertising by 2014, and as it grows, advertisers will increasingly look to quantify consumer engagement with those ads. According to eMarketer, engagement can run the gamut from viewing an ad to interaction with the ad to purchase intent. Engagement is important for video ads because online video ads tend to be more expensive than other online formats, so more is riding on them.

How To Measure & Boost Video Ad Engagement

Given the importance of engagement, what can a brand, publisher, or online video ad network do to boost engagement rates?

  • eMarketer said that marketers should analyze where people watch there ad, but also where they go afterwards and over time to see if they're engaging with the product or services that are mentioned in an ad.
  • Marketers may also want to evaluate websites not just on unique viewers, but on average time spent per viewer on that site--more is better--and the number of viewing sessions per viewer (i.e. are they coming back and sitting through the ad). But completion metrics should be coupled with demographics and content targeting to make sure ads are reaching the right viewers
  • Finally, marketers should also look for opportunities to create branded video content that connects emotionally with customers.
  • Keep in mind, many premium publishers don't necessarily have a lot of video streams yet on their site to place video ads against--according to Taboola, the video discovery engine. That's why marketers will want to pay close attention to site metrics like the number of video sessions and videos watched per session, and do whatever they can to boost overall engagement.
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  • Teddy Lyngaas

    What do you recommend to measure video engagement and abandonment rates? I've struggled to find a viable tool.

  • Renee

    Great points! Average time spent per viewer on that site, and the number of viewing sessions per viewer seem to me to be two of the most important factors when researching where to advertise. Overall, online video advertising doesn't seem to get as much attention as the other top types of advertising.