New Online HD Video Platform for Content Owners

New Online HD Video Platform for Content Owners

Velocix, provider of the worlds leading Digital Asset Delivery Network, and MediaMelon , a leading HD Video Delivery Network, today announced a partnership to deliver HD videos on behalf of content owners.

MediaMelon enables content owners to deliver HD quality videos over the Internet that can be accessed and played from any web browser. MediaMelon is using an innovative combination of internet delivery services, including a blend of Peer to Peer P2P and network caching, to provide viewers with flawless playback of HD quality video every time, without interruption.

P2P is widely recognized as a highly effective technology that enables new levels of scalability to large audiences and improved economics for video distribution. However a fundamental limitation is that delivery performance can vary dramatically, based on popularity of content being distributed. Viewers of popular content will receive a high quality experience as there will be many sources available. For less popular content, or newly released content which has yet to become widely distributed, viewers will get a poor experience as there will be fewer 'peers' sharing the video.

Velocix digital delivery services are designed specifically for large digital assets such as high definition video, and Velocix Network cache delivery evens out the "bandwidth troughs" associated with standard P2P-only solutions. These capabilities combined with MediaMelon's set of higher-layer network services and browser web-links, provides content publishers the flexibility to offer HD videos from a variety of websites, ensuring good user experience and monetization capabilities.

"We were looking for a flexible high performance delivery network to assist our service so that we could ensure the delivery performance needed for a high quality user experience, regardless of the bandwidth available from P2P file sharing." said Kumar Subramanian, CEO at MediaMelon. "The combination of the global Velocix network and MediaMelon's forward caching technology provides consistent delivery performance anywhere in the world whilst also minimizing delivery costs.”

"Our work with MediaMelon is a great example of how the Velocix Network can be successfully integrated with P2P delivery," said Phill Robinson, CEO at Velocix. "This partnership is further validation of the hybrid-P2P delivery techniques pioneered by Velocix and MediaMelon. It provides a highly scalable service with the perfect balance between delivery performance and cost.”

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