One Biiiiiiiiillion Tube Views A Day   Holy Crap logo holy crap 1bn a day vfl124472 YouTube is celebrating with a special celebratory logo stating they've attained one billion videos a day. That's a whole lot of ones and zeros if you think about it.

"Today, I'm proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube," Chad Hurley, chief executive officer and co-founder of YouTube, announced in a blog posting, calling it "great moment in our short history."

Oddly their celebration comes three years to the day almost from the Google acquisition. (A billion is still a long way from a googleplex by the way) What does it mean for them?

Well it certainly means they're using a hell of a lot more bandwidth than they were when they were gobbled up by Google. It might mean they turn a profit, but we don't know that now do we? They, Steve and Chad the founders of YouTube, say it's all about three things:

  • Speed matters: Videos should load and play back quickly.
  • Clip culture is here to stay: Short clips are voraciously consumed and perfect for watching a wide variety of content.
  • Open platforms open up possibility: Content creation isn't our business; it's yours. We wanted to create a place where anyone with a video camera, a computer, and an Internet connection could share their life, art, and voice with the world, and in many cases make a living from doing so.

But none of that talks about monetizing it all. Sure they have ads in place and new deals that are encompassing a lot of premium content, but really, that bandwidth has to be a huge cash synch.

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Of course others are making cash off the site by creating their own, unique content and being members of the Partner program. So we have to assume that YouTube is generating a sizable penny as well. But is it enough to cover the bills? Maybe someday Google will give us the nod and a wink and then we'll know.

But for now, all we can do is say "Shit, I wish I'd thought of YouTube first..."

Oh yeah, here's something else fun - if you look at the image/logo on YouTube's site, youll see that the name of the image file is "logo_holy_crap_1bn_a_day-vfl124472.png"

  • Nikola Tesla

    Google power meter was invented to regulate the consumption of power potentially provided to the public for sale by Google Energy, LLC using 111 year old Tesla technology. This venture between Elon Musk and Google was commemorated by the Triforce Easter egg symbols in 2009. Many of these triangle symbols were incorporated into the Google Doodles that lead up to the 09/09/09 9:09:09 Google Doodle? and were subsequently removed from record in The Great Google Doodle Conspiracy. Something obviously went wrong in September 2009. Did? they cause Sumatra? Did they invent "Zelda Fan" Susie Sahim to retroactively explain why the Nintendo Tri-Force logos were included in the Doodles in the first place and take the blame off George Hwang because he was instructed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to include the symbolic Triforce symbols? Wish we could ask The Three Musketeers of Tesla Motors but they died in Palo Alto and their bodies were burned beyond recognition.

  • onlinedataentryjobs

    Well it certainly means they’re using a hell of a lot more bandwidth than they were when they were gobbled up by seo company

  • Julian

    DAMN! Kinda like McD's - over one billion served! Just emphasizes the importance of video SEO on YouTube - obviously its not yet the complex algorithmic beast that Google is, but with that much content being offered and consumed, its very important to give YouTube search optimization the same attention. Let's just hope they don't start charging to host video - I know a lot of businesses would incur huge bandwidth costs if we had to start hosting our own videos or paying to host on Youtube!