Money Never Sleeps As Oliver Stone Invests In Online Video Platform

Money Never Sleeps As Oliver Stone Invests In Online Video Platform

There's plenty of room in the online video space for all sorts of platforms, products, and services.  It's easy to see YouTube as the big dog--and they are--but plenty of other video solutions exist for businesses, and many of them are thriving.  And when you're trying to make some noise amid all the hoopla that YouTube can drum up, it helps to have an ace up your sleeve.  An ace, for example, named Oliver Stone.

Vzaar is a full-service video platform solution aimed primarily at small and medium sized businesses (also a good solution for large enterprise with their API). During the summer, Vzaar raised considerable investment capital from both existing shareholders as well as some new investors, notably Sophrosyne Ventures LLP and one of the best "gets" a video company could hope for in terms of a celebrity endorsement: Hollywood director Oliver Stone.  If you're not familiar with Stone, I'd like to know what rock you live under.  But I'll also tell you that he's the director of such iconic films as Wall Street, Platoon, JFK, and The Doors.

Stone has filmed an endorsement video for Vzaar, touting it's power and simplicity as a platform, but it's not just because he's a fan.  He's also an investor (terms undisclosed).  What could possibly motivate one of the world's leading filmmakers to put his money--and his reputation--behind vzaar?

Apparently, Stone's interest in Vzaar and the online video platform space, despite the fact that there is bit of a rivalry currently between online video and traditional cinema, lies in the fact that he is interested in the potential of wider content distribution - which, I think is an interesting story in itself, but we'll leave that for another time.  Why don't we let him tell you directly:

I am Oliver Stone. Ive been around, made some films - they keep changing, style, tempo, what's in, what's out. 30 years now, up, down, sideways - not always comfortable - change. Vzaar is one of those lightening bolts that hit me, right between the eyes. It's a new video platform the likes of which you've probably never seen before. Its for professionals in large corporations but also small businesses. It's a new way to present original ideas or market concepts. Vzaar, it's the easiest to use, personable, and for me - first choice in professional video.

Here's what Vzaar had to say about their time and investment from Oliver:

The vzaar team had a great day with Oliver, filming the commercial and then attending the premiere of 'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps' ... and the after party ... fantastic experiences. The excitement of Oliver's engagement with vzaar is driving us to work even harder to create great new functionality and deliver superb customer service.

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  • ThomMcFadden

    Thanks Mark for sharing, in the past you where what you owned now you are what you share and video is the best way to share. We're living in a creativity economy.Video is massive and growing more than ever, prospects and customers crave visual content. B Bop

  • Ronnie Bincer

    So... if you pay to post you video on Vzaar you have some extra options for making your video look customized (and non-branded i.e. no "YouTube" logo), but it is still "posted" right? That means you get no more video sitemap mojo than if you posted it in YouTube, or am I missing something here re. the video sitemap mojo magic?

    • Mark Robertson

      Missing :-)

      • Ronnie Bincer

        Great! What am I missing?
        Does this Vzaar posting place help me get a video sitemap on MY site?

        (p.s. while my "people" go off and eat Turkey this Thanksgiving - today - They already told me they are not giving me any bones!!! What's up with that!?!) Splinters, Schminters... I want a bone!